Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm Melting! Aahhhhhh!!!!

Ok, ok, so a little dramatic, I know - but it's 92 out there!! I had the STUPIDITY to check the local weather listing, which let's us in on a little thing called, get this, "heat index." As if it wasn't hot enough! The heat index, taking the 64% humidity into factor with the already blistering heat of, WHAMO - 92 stinking degrees, and you get, (drumroll please Cinderisa), Tada 106!! Yeah, I'm freaaking melting folks , m e l t i n g!!!!!

Well, only for a brief moment while I tried to get the big LAZO to go potty outside. Big dog, with extra large head, and the heat index of 106!!!!! I still just can't get over that, and I'm just sure it's about to get worse. So he just drags himself along while I, ahem, lead him along to the poop hill, as we call it. He is resisting, trying to put the brakes on, I pull harder on the prong collar, digging into his thick neck. Come on ALREADY - JUST GO POOP!!!! I'm just hearing the laughter of sir Cesar Milan and his cute Mexican accent as he tells me in his polite way, "E nids to know who de pock leader is, and dat e is a dog, not a berson. Only den will e obey oo. With calm submission" and with that, the idiot took off like a shot, a whine, a hoot, howl, up the stairs, on the deck, burst open the slider and went inside. No poop. No pee. I guess it's just too hot for it. And with calm submission, I will KILL him, if he finds a way to do it in the house!! By the way, is where it is a cool and breezyy 74. Cinderisa is sporting a quilt and goosebumps! I say, "WHATEVER!"

I feel for Frank and for the rest of them that are in the factory today. I can't even imagine what the heat index is in there! OH, and the smell!! I'm hoping he goes straight to the shower, passes me or anywhere my bloodhound nose is, because today is not a day for the weary. He called me earlier and asked if I wanted to watch a friend's dog this weekend while she went away. This is the next dog I want. A little Yorkie, a purse puppie.

Of course I said a big "YES!" This doggie is so cute! When the girls first saw a pic of her, they were disgusted. "Why would you want that? It's ugly! Stupid little Scooby Snack!" And then they met Nina! She isn't your average little pup. This dog has her own room, complete with 32in. tv, couch, bed and of course, doggie toys. She gets her weekly hot-oil treatments, so as not to nap her hair. Oh, and if you're the least bit concerned about her size compared to Rocco, not to worry, he's not the least bit afraid of her. KIDDING! He loves other dogs, and they seemed to get along great. When I do have my own little lap dog, he/she will NOT be the pack leader, that's me, nor will it have the run of the house, or sit in a purse while we walk. It will be a, dare I say, DOG!!!!! Only cute and small, with bows and clothes, preferably pink! So this weekend, I get to spoil Nina, and Rocco will have a grand time getting her to play with him. This is a picture of Christina with Nina. She's the one that called the dog, and I quote, "stupid." I think she likes her. Cinderisa isn't big on smiling for pictures, and she was the one who called her a Scooby Snack. But she did like her. Nick still loves his big-headed friend, Rocco. Rocco was only interested in the brownie pizza I was cutting. Typical dog! THAT is his prong collar. I'm thinking that some children could benefit from them. OOPS, did I actually just blog that??? Some adults could benefit from them. You know, if society. ..... No I'm not going to go off in one of those little tangents today, it's just too hot, and I have a headache! You get the point.

It's just too hot! With or without an index, 92 is hot enough. In the winter, we get, what is known as, "wind-chill factor!" It even sounds scary, doesn't it. The bone-chilling cold
winds, added to the already freezing cold noreastern temperatures, and it's just plain frigid in these parts. Yes, freaking frigid! Wind-chill, heat-index. Is it really necessary?? Isn't it just HOT? Do we need to make it hotter? I don't like the heat; it makes me sick, literally. It increases my migraines, you know, I just don't want to go there either!!! It is just plain HOT! That's it, no more -- just HOT
that's all . so, time for a book, under the fan and a/c. aaaaahhhhh, life is good!

I do wish for pain-free days for all, and a friend said to me, "what is pain-free?" Because for he and I and others who have chronic pain, that is something we rarely experience. But still, I wish it. Even a little minor 3 for you, Ian. If it can't be totally pain-free. Three's aren't so bad. Tolerable.

Yeah, hey, that's what I'll say, wishing all a tolerable day! I do wish for a cooler day. I prefer 75. Frank loves this heat. You can have it, honey. He will be outside tonight, cigar in hand, wine, and I will be inside, with water. Too hot for me.

ciao ciao

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