Friday, August 04, 2006

One Sweet World

If you're a DMB fan, and just can't make it to a show, check these guys out! They are FANtastic! The looks, the sounds, the music! One Sweet World is definitely worth watching. Not only did the lead singer sound like Dave; but he had his moves and his looks and facial expressions down. They were great!!

Unfortunately, we could only stay for one set, but be sure, as we will be, to check them out when they're in your area. Trust me, they will be so worth your time!

Hey, I even kept my stpuid little (right) migraines at bay for this gig! Thankfully, there was no light show to be had; just a little rain. I didn't melt, just got damp. No hemi's, not talking Mopar here! No Toradol needed after the initial dose - all was well, for a change for me. The humidity si down today, sun shining and there are garage sales to check out! I'm outta here!!

Oh, and Nina is coming for the weekend. Rocco will be in his glory until she leaves when he will mope and cry for days.

My sister, Jamie ws here yesterday with the kids; we took off and left ALL of them in the care of Cinderisa. She came up with a great name for a bulldog, "Shrek" - I love it! I told her, if I ever get another one, and that's a loaded IF, that's what I'll name him. But poor Rocco really is a lonely soul without another dog here. Which is why we need visitors. I'm actually thinking of bringing him to the Senior Home down the street when the kids go back to school. I think he'd enjoy that. He loves people, and I'm sure they would love the company. Maybe he would make a great companion dog. Let me know what you think?

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