Tuesday, August 08, 2006


So I'm sitting here, with this knot in my stomach; and it's not a new knot, it's been here for a few weeks. It won't leave me ALONE! I've become close to a raging lunatic, waiting for someone to set me off; some poor unsuspecting slob to just push my buttons one last time and BANG, I just may burst - wide open - into something of a nut case. And I think I may have met him this morning. But.....I'm also trying to keep my patience. Yeah, good luck with that, Deb.

This week I decided to try something new with the kids, something to combat boredom, defeat the mid-summer blues, pre-back-to-school doldrum; and in the same breath get some much needed housecleaning and sanity in order. So, I signed them up for a little activity in the morning at church - Summer Music Activities for Kids, SMAK for short. Followed by Parks and Rec directly, for the remainder of the day; do not pass "GO" or anything else, for that matter. All kids gone for the day, I'm giddy inside just thinking about it while I'm getting them there.

And then, I meet HIM!! The one I'm assuming my rage may take place upon. This guy is in charge of say, 20 teens who oversee roughly 75 kids who come and go throughout the day for fun and games, activities and most who are there for the entire day until their parent's come to pick them up after work. Now, I'm thinking that my kids, and the three others I've brought along, are there for pure entertainment, I'm soon to learn otherwise. This 'Stalin-like' creature is yeilding a baseball bat when I came at lunchtime to pick up 3, and drop off 3. I'm dropping the drama queens from SMAK and getting Cinderisa, Cassie and Nicholas, who is now clinging to my leg and cowerring as he watches Sir Stalin pacing through the grounds with his bat. The teens are literally yelling to the kids, mind you ages 5-14 years old!!!!!, and they are yelling for them to "BE QUIET, OR NO PLAY TIME!!!" So you know, these kids were actually being quiet while they were sitting down eating their lunches. I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. Literally. I wasn't sure if I was getting the whole picture or not. Stalin comes up to me, as Cinderisa is telling me, "Chrissy's right, MOM, they are mean!" and he says,
"She's probably telling you I'm mean. It's just a facade!" To which I reply,
"Yeah, I'm sure it is" in a very sarcastic (yeah, me, I know!) manner.
So now we go find the girls, and they still want to stay, (blondes) so I tell them I'll be back at 3.

Needless to say, my kids will NOT be going back! I can't wait to tell Frank, as I'm SURE he knows SOMEONE who runs Parks and Rec - as he knows everyone somewhere!

When the girl's mom got here to pick them up, I let her know what a "DICK", in those words he was! I think I freaked her out, because she'd been hearing it from the girls, but one is a drama queen and they've been reluctant to go out of boredom, so you just never know, as a parent what to believe. It's hard!

OH I almost forgot!!!! The school has a terrific playground which, by the way, our tax dollars paid for with, I must say, a great sacrifice, and here's the kicker - they weren't ALLOWED TO PLAY ON IT!!!!!!!! So here is my (insert major potty mouth here) question of the day: What on earth does P A R K S AND
R E C stand for????? If you're not allowed to use the park?

So I sit, still raging, wondering, why is it I didn't lose it on this asshole? Well, there were kids there. Although, they probably would have cheered me on and called me hero, carried me on their shoulders to the playground, this after we beat the DAYLIGHTS OUT OF STALIN WITH HIS BLOODY BAT!!!!! Right, waking up right now. Cheering gone from the braindream. Reality again.

What makes people think they need to be so above everyone else? Especially little kids like that? I'm sure the teens in charge were just acting under his supervision; no excuse, but it was wrong - all of it was wrong!

So tomorrow, a phone call is in order for me, I believe. Yes, and for any child that has to go for the remainder of the week, I just hope their Mom and Dad will listen to them, with a softer heart and make a call, complain. Or maybe just ask another parent if perhaps they are getting the same reaction from their children.

If your child is in a program, and has a complaint - listen - they just may be warrenting a real complaint.


Ms. Vickie said...

First - Thanks for your recent visit to my blog and for taking time to comment. I never know when I open up and talk about Missy (Multiple Sclerosis ) what the reaction will be but there are times when I feel I need to in hopes I might reach someone.

You held yourself together very well but something tells me a volcanio is about to erupt. I'll be watching the news for an activity in upstate New York.:)

Take care and I hope to see you visit again soon.

terri said...

hey deborah,
you didn't have an email link on your profile, so will write a quick note here. thanks so much for all your comments to my blog. i hope we can stay in touch and check out each other's blogs. i mentioned you in my recent post and thank you for your words. sounds like we have a lot in common, headache-wise at least. thanks also for adding me to your links. i was just going to ask if it was okay to include you in mine! talk soon, terri