Thursday, August 17, 2006

Today's post is dedicated to Amy. Her best friend is leaving today for the Army, and she is, well - bummed! Ryan is an absolute sweetheart. So maybe this should be to both of them. I've known Amy for all of her life, and Ryan for just a few short years; but they are both very dear to me, to my kids, mostly to each other.

Pics: This is Amy, and her brother Michael. I will post about them probably a lot. Their Mom, she's the cigar-smoking friend listed at the top of my blog. I love these 3 people. My kids, these kids - are like cousins, family; that is how close we are. We know each other inside out. Terri and I, MOM, have had more fun together with these poor unsuspecting children in their the time we hung Amy's thongs out in the driveway as warning! TMI yeah, I know. But she wasn't supposed to wear them!!! (I'm dead for this, but we were about peeiing our pants doing it!) Hey, Ter - SH*T!!!!!! LOL

This is Ryan - and the crazy lady with the knife, is none other......what a sweetheart, sitting there all nice and calm while I'm ready to knife the guy! He really is such a great young man. Poor Miss Amy. I can't believe she is already starting her first year of college. What happens to the time? What will the time do to them? To change them, I mean. How will they turn out? She after her college career, he after boot camp, training, and unfortunately, war. I'm worrying this same thing about my stepson, Philip, who also will be leaving in just a few short weeks. These children are our future leaders. Some of that thought scares me to no end. And knowing them, comforts me as well.

The first picture ^ shows Christine, total lunatic, gotta love her. I just wonder what she will turn out to be. Michael was a "geek" for Halloween. He was a great geek, too. Funny kid; he and Cinderisa have grown up together, their b'days are only 5 days apart - yeah, that was planned! they go to school together, hang out together - did a cool rendition of Green Day for the talent show, they had the light show and everything, Mike sang and played guitar, Cinderisa on drums - the schoolkids went nuts! It was awesome! While the other kids did their songs with lip-synch - ours did the real deal. We have some pretty neat kids. The tall one in the back - that's Cassie. She plays guitar. She is another true blonde! I love these kids, their a trip to be around.The Cat Mawler was Miss America, Cinderisa was a gypsy, and I think you can pretty much tell what the Power Ranger wasn't. Safe to say, he will be this year! No, Cassie isn't on a stool; she really is that tall!

I remember when Philip was sworn in for the Marine's. You could hear a pin drop. This young man, who wore his pants like he had no hips, shoes untied, shirt oversized and slouched over his butt; suddelny had to TIE those shoes, pull UP the pants, TUCK in the shirt, and latch the belt thru the correct hole. It was an amazing makeover. Then there was the facial hair that had to be removed before he could enter the plane. I'm sure Ryan will be going thru his own little makeover. Nothing like he'll ever encounter, or has ever before.

And Amy is on her way to her own little piece of growing up world. No more "spinny dresses" for Amy. Now she drives her own car, will be going TO COLLEGE! Wow, Alexa would have been, too. But it wasn't meant to be for her. It is for Amy, and I will pray for her, a life of health, intelligence and prosperity. She is such a sweet child, with a sweet heart for people. This transition is going to be hard for her, leaving her bestest friend. It's so hard to watch someone you love, leave. But it's good for both of them. Another growing experience.

Now, Terri, my friend, you have a growing experience of your own. Don't worry, Frankie already has a cigar for you! I know that watching Ryan leave is going to be hard on you, too. But I think Amy going to college is going to have such a huge impact on all of you. GIRL YOU MUST BE FEELING OLD!! At least you don't look it. Yet. I know, I'm such a b*tch!!!!! It's good to have friends such as we. I have the wine, Frank has cigar - we'll make sure you are comfy and not too blue. I think it's called "Empty Nest Syndrome"

I'm dead! I know - my blog though. Wkhat are friends for, right? Stop by, come with us Saturday to see One Sweet World. sure to help you beat the blues.

For those who missed the golden opportunity last time, they will be in the area again this Saturday. If you love DMB, you will love this tribute band, check them out at And then, check them out in your area. My little plug for the day.

Have a great weekend all. Amy I love you, and let Ryan know when you talk to him, in like 10 minutes, that I will pray for him and I will miss him.


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