Friday, October 17, 2008

a shutter project

This is the new little shutter project I made. This one is for my Mom. I hope your not reading this, Mom. Her birthday is coming up in a few days, so, this is one of those shutters I had that I wanted to paint for her.
My Mom and Dad like to feed birds, this was a no-brainer. I'm not totally thrilled with the way it came out; I mean, the letters are sliding to the right, and the Momma bird is a little umm, beafy, but I do think she will like it.

Now, I am left with just one more shutter for myself. I still have not yet figured how to design it. I'm sure it will come to me. Until then, I have a garage of other things to paint and arrange.
Hoping you have a pain-free weekend

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall, Beautiful Fall

What a beautiful weekend we had for apple picking! We took the kids to one of MANY orchards we are fortunate to have here in NY. The sky was clear and blue. The weather was warm and sunny. The trees were vibrant with the change of color. Simply beautiful. A perfect day for apple picking.

As you can see by the pictures, the kids enjoyed themselves. They wandered thru a corn maze; rode horses, bounced on; well, bouncing things. We ate junk, delicious junk.

Now prior to our trip, Frank and I had ventured with Nicholas' class last week to a different orchard. We had so much fun with the kids there. They have goats and baby cows, chickens a pig. He was pretty stinky. But the baby cows, they were so sweet, they licked my hands!! I think they just may have been my favorite part.

Oh, this scarecrow here; I redid the face. The first time I made it, well, it came out kind of scary. I don't like the scary stuff on Halloween. Call me weird, but I don't. So, after a few days of freaking myself and the kids out with my scarecrow, I brought it back in and tore the eyes off, sewed them back on. Made a new mouth, a nose, and now we have a happy scarecrow.

Maybe I'm just being a Mom, but how cute does this kid look in his new glasses!!!! I know, I know - adorable. We just call him, "Dork."

Bosco is getting his winter 'fluff' in. Oh, yeah, he is growing extra stuffing in his belly area to keep warm, too. He is such a big boy. This is how he prefers to be held by the way. Weirdo.

Thursday, Frank and I were chaperones with the Second grade class at Nicholas' school for the Pumpkin and Apple Farm. It was so much fun! There was a wagon ride, and animals, the obvious...pumpkins, apples, cider.

This is Mr. Abbott himself, helping Nicholas with his pumpkin. He drove our wagon. What a sweet man. He grew up on the farm, never lived anywhere else; and had lots of stories of his own parents on the farm growing up, and his children. We had so much fun with the kids.

Unfortunately, this is how I have been feeling. eeeww, I know. Let's see, could it be the lack of sleep? mmmaybe. OR those hammers there could have something to do with it. I can hear them as they knock - over and over. It doesn't go away anymore. It is just ever-present. gotta love it. Today, I tried, stupidly I might add, to wear contact lenses. Not so smart. As I hate the feeling of having anything IN my eyes. and they just don't work as well as my glasses. I have just awful eyesight. My prescription is pretty strong. blah blah blah
hey, at least we have had some really nice weather. my kids are healthy and happy. My husband was fortunate to find a job. In his retirement of all times. Whatever. For me, this week, I'm going to get busy with some more of my crafty things. It's what I like to do.
Hoping you are pain-free

Sunday, October 05, 2008

My Pretty New Cabinet

Of Course, this it the before picture. Now remember, this was on the side of the road, in two pieces. Sad, I know. It has been in the garage now for far too long.

This is the very sweet toile fabric I used for the background. I just love LOVE toile. I originally purchased a different fabric that just wasn't what I was really looking for. Soooooo, I had to go back for what I really wanted, this!!

Here is the top shelf, and it's not totally done as far as the decorating goes. But here it is. I love chickens, and my kitchen is all roosters and such. My dining room is a gorgeous deep dark eggplant color, but the camera never gets the color right, it brightens it up too much. The lower color, below the chair rail, is a suede finish and color. I did this when we first moved in and I still love the colors.

Does my country - like cabinet match my more formal - like dining room? Not so much, but I love it. And because we have baseboard heating, this is actually the only corner in the house that will take it. It's the only inside corner. So it's the perfect spot.

I don't think you can even tell, but I put glass knobs on the front door. It had ugly wooden knobs that just had to go. Overall, I am very happy with it. Not to mention, it was somebody else's garbage.

What do you think?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

With the weather; the Fall, colorful weather, comes the ugly rain and clouds and drizzle and cold. I prefer the pumpkins and falling colorfu array of leaves. Baking pies and apple cake, decorating my home in the beautiful warm colors. The smell of the warm spices.

Oops, forgot to mention the other little thing that comes with the Fall weather here in the Northeast - well, for me anyway, that would be my beast. Back in full migraine-gear, with all the bells and whistles on and ringing in my ears. I'm just not looking forward to the next season to follow and I'm not even going to mention it because I can't bear to think of it now.

Went into Lowe's today and saw. Christmas. No joke. Full on Christmas decorations, with trees and the ugly, sorry but I just don't get them, blow up decorations. There had to be roughly 6 aisles of decorations. Today is only Oct. 2. Now we are being forced into our Christmas shopping already.
Generally speaking I love Christmas and the pretty decorations, but I am just NOT ready to see it the first week of October. I just don't get it! I'm still decorating for Fall!

On Monday, I had that cryo done. This time it was done on both the left and right sides. When I woke up in recovery, the back of my head was shaved. I think my pain doc has a serious complex about his being bald. Thankfully, I have hair to cover it, but it itches like crazy.

That's all I've got, other than a nasty monster