Friday, June 27, 2008

What a week this has been. I'm sure the picture pretty much explains all I need to say.

Yesterday I went for my cryoanalgesia procedure, in hopes of ending some of the nerve pain in my freaking skull that refuses to completely ever end!

Now many have asked me, "what exactly is Cryoanalgesia?" In short terms, it is freezing of the nerve that causes the pain in the occipital region - (for me), causing an interruption of pain impulses to the brain.

Why is it done? Ha! Why else, pain relief. It is performed to relieve pain from peripheral nerves (nerves that connect the brain or spinal column to areas outside the central nervous system). This pain often originates in the greater occipital nerves at the back of the head; the ribs, sacroiliac joints (connect the base of the spine to the pelvis), or vertebra.

Of the many, MANY procedures (etc) I've tried, this seems to work the best for me. Of course, it's not for everyone, and it can be rather, um, uncomfortable; as most procedures for migraine relief seem to be.

How is it done? This is the uncomfortable part of the procedure I was talking about; and it can be done with or without sedation. CHOOSE SEDATION. You will not be completely sedated, as your doctor needs to have your attention and know, well, where it hurts, when he hits the right spot, so to speak. I'm sure by now, you know THE spot.

Once you've been sedated, he makes a small incision into the skin, and a small probe is inserted into the area. With the probe in place, a machine connected to the probe will be turned on and a small ball of ice will form around the tip of the probe; thus freezing the nerve and interrupting transmission of the pain impulse. well, eventually. You will be feeling pain and some discomfort for the remainder of the day.

I was in full migraine for the past two days, which did NOT help matters. With that and not being able to drink prior to the procedure, making me dehydrated; spiked me into a nice big ol' 8. Needless to say, I spent the day on the couch with ice on my head, drinking a wonderful new gingerale/green tea combo that Frankie found for me. which, since I love love LOVE it, it will probably go off the market within the next 3 months. I hate that.

I feel so much better today. Thank you Toradol. thank you cryo. and ice. and much much prayer. Thank you Lord. I'm sure by tomorrow, I'll be even better.

Happy Anniversary Frank.
wishing you all a pain-free weekend

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Swamp Rat

happy birthday

Ok, so not so much THAT rat, but a little more on the side of.........

this type of rat. Yesterday, Nicholas ran in his first ever race; the Swamp Rat Run.

He ran a mile, very intense I might add; and in just under 11 minutes. Not only were we proud of him, but he was proud of himself. His first ribbon ever!!!! I can't wait to make a nice plaque of this (below) picture, with the ribbon and his number. I'm just so creative that way and all savey-savey with stuff that the kids are rewarded or make. I'm a regular closet horder.
not that I horde closets, because that would just be weird, but now that I think about it, we do have a LOT of closet space. anyhoooo

How adorable is he though. He was very sticky and sweaty, but cute.

Ah yes, Tuesday; this was the very cold (think global warming) and rainy evening of the DMB concert. We. froze. our. behinds. off! I must say though, Dave and the boys - just totally fantastic awesome stupendous and incredible. duh, goes without saying. The weather, on the other hand, well, let's just say the global warming got to me again! HA

Oh, and we (Frank) finally realized my need for a more powerful camera. and the crowd roared - yeah!!!!!!

On another note, I am finally done decorating the windows in this house! My neck is killing me from this dangerous and rather hideous chore. Not to mention, expensive! I hate, hate, HATE hanging curtains. curtain rods and such. It is a seriously painful task. Oh no, we still have the stupid kitchen and office to do yet. They can wait until after vacation because I just need a vacation and I don't know if I have anything left in me right now. these rooms require full makeovers. I will get a new stove out of the deal. Frank will get a new office and I will be re-organizing it so my scrapbooking area and the kids homework area are, well, homeworkable. it's going to be a big project. Like I said, after vacation. for both.

I think I just exhausted myself thinking about it. so goodnight for now. I will probably not sleep. hey, maybe I'll just look at office pics online. no no no that just will not do. kitchens!

oh bother. I'm getting a migraine.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mug Shots and Hail Storms

How pitiful is this picture of my bad boy? He was terrified when he was dropped off; like he knew what was happening. Poor idiot. I think he is asking for his Mommy here and promissing never to run through my gardens and pissss on my swing, plants, pretty flowers and other nice essentials I bust my hump for outside to relax and look wonderfully gorgeous and not stink like a horney dog who must mark his bad territory. Right, pitiful dog looking all sad and stuff. I crack up everytime I look at this picture.

Oh and yes, he was getting his teeth cleaned while he was under.

Look closely here. See anything weird or out of place in my garden?

Okay, how about here on the deck? This was done yesterday.

This is Marisa with a chunk of HAIL. It came upon us so fast and so furious; that the schools delayed letting school out for half an hour and had the kids in the hallways for safety due to a tornado warning.
I'm hoping the weather stays mild tonight - I. am. going. to. see (breathing) Dave. I can't wait. It's a little chilly here right now, I can handle that, just no rain or thunder or anything drastic.
Ok, need to go get the crew ready. Oh, and I'm almost done decorating - almost. My bathroom looks so cute. I can't wait to put the girls curtains up.
Have a super wonderful pain-free day.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Busy as a Bee

Frank and I have been busy, busy, busy since he has been retired. I haven't been able to come up for as much as a breath of air. Landscaping, my new pond-to-be, the never-ending running around. Oh, and Frank and Rocco having surgery on Friday. Just wait until I put the pic of poor Rocco up they took at the vet's office. so pitiful.

Last week, we had a few rooms painted. Which means the house has been turned up.side.down. I am still digging out.

This is the color Christina chose for her room. Naturally, it is more scrumptous in person. It is a huge improvemoent over the Barney purple that was in there.

This picture looks even better now. And again, even better in person. I still need to do the window treatment in her, my and the master bath yet. So lovely, her room.

This is the new color of the livingroom, it's called "pesto" and wow what a difference. I wanted something that would come alive and does it ever.

It really POPS against the diningroom, which is a beautiful deep purple, the same color as the skin of an eggplant. I'm thinking that copper will look nice on the new doors in the diningroom. oh yes, copper.

I chose my favoritest pretty color for my room, and this pic really doesn't show the true color of it - it's supposed to be robin's egg blue, but here it looks more of a muted sky blue. I just love my room now.
Frank chose the bedding, by the way. It's a pretty paisley, which I LOVE with a bit of floral and has the blue in it. Ties it all in very nice. I chose some nice sand-colored drapes that I will be putting up later today, along with the rest of the toppers that match the bedding.

Bargain center: the pretty blue vase was $1 at a garage sale. I made the beaded bracelets that are around the neck. The nesting boxes were on clearence at The Christmas Tree Shoppes - both under $1. The pretty scarf was my inspiration - for the past, oh few years. It's been set up on my mirror. I cannot wait to finish it up.
I bought the most gorgeous curtains for Cinderisa's room. They are grey and look like a State Troooper uniform. mmm mmm mm! Now, her room is deep navy blue, so it'll look sharp.
Oh, yes, I have been a busy girl. For the many men out there, a belated HAPPY FATHER'S DAY.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One Fish Two Fish Red Lion head Fish...

My wee little pond-lette is now officially up and running. I cannot get enough of it. I have had the old water pump and washtub for three years, and have been waiting that long to put this together.

I also have plants that I installed yesterday. From here, you can see the water trickling from the spout. This is going to be a very addicting hobby. I have already decided that I need, oh yes, I need to have an uplight on the cherry tree; this way the entire area will be lit at night.

Today I had to stop at a local POND STORE/installer. Who knew they even have such a thing. Oh the many wonderful things you can put in your yard for a pond. I do believe by little pond-lette is going to grow. Oh, yes, I think it will indeed grow and stream and more rocks. OOOOh, look closely there, see some orange in there? Yes, those are fishys. I just had to get me some fishys at the store today. We have two Red lion heads and two Shebunkles.

Hey, there little fishy! I put a long rock in for hiding from the cats, and we haven't seen the Shebunkles since very much. I am having a wonderful time with my new little project/hobby. Oh, did I mention that I did this MYSELF. Cause I'm so smart like that. and handy and all.

OOps, one of our little lion heads comitted suicide right in front of Nicholas and I tonight while we were feeding them. He was just swimming away, swimming away, with his little partner; oh and the shebunkle came out, but the poor little guy swam real fast right into a rock, bounced off and was just sort of partly swimming for a few minutes. He did this little swim here and there, then he'd sink to the bottom; wiggle his tail a bit, float to the top. Finally, after 20 minutes he just stopped altogether. It was really sad.

So Nicholas and I brought him in and offered our condolences - over the toilet. He was a real big boy over the entire ordeal, he insisted he be the one to both drop and flush the fish.

He's just growing up so fast. He was bird-watching in this pic lastnight. What a little man. When we said our prayers tonight, he prayed that the other three fish would be ok. So sweet.

I received some rather disturbing news today; one of the medications I take as a preventative for my Migraine disease will not be covered by my prescription plan from my insurance company. Therefore, I now need to be taken down off of the medication that has been making my life liveable for the past two years. Well, I started it two years ago; and I'm now able to live life without being confined to my bed, or a hospital bed. In reality, it has taken probably most of those two years to get to this point.

The drug is Namenda; and it is, of course, off-label. It is given to patients with Alzheimers, or early dementia. And this is the argument my carrier, Caremark is holding.

So now what happens? Hopefully, nothing. I'm seriously hoping that, maybe, just maybe I don't really need the drug anymore (hey, it can happen, right) and I'll be fine. But there is this scared twinge inside of me saying, "uh-oh, hope you enjoyed the vacation. It's going to be a bumpy ride home."

I'm usually the girl with the glass half-full, so I suppose I need to look at it as such. Hey, at least I can go veg with my pond and my fish when I'm stressed.

Aaaaaaand my bedroom was painted today. Just need to decorate. Tomorrow, Chrisarella will have her room done and the livingroom will be painted. Lot's of new color. Shopping tomorrow. ugh.

wishing you well, with pain-free days.


Monday, June 09, 2008

Our Own Private Idaho

The heat is ON! I finally, at last have my wonderful summer "room" to sit and relax and entertain in. Please come in, sit down and grab a glass of fresh, iced sun tea.

How sweet is this? I got this lantern for $1 and the table for $2 at a sale. Add a little china bowl with Lobelia and it's all pretty.

The planter in robin's egg blue was also a steal, I painted it to match my new furniture and stuck pretty plants to match. The "rug" under Rocco, is actually made up from three beach sand mats for just $2.50 at Target. Sorry girls, I'll get more.

My little cooler table was in the shed; a little repurposing comes in handy. Right now, we are storing some toys like Bocce ball and frisbee's. But it will come in handy when we have guests. Just fill it with drinks and ice, and we're good. You can also see the legs of the table in this shot.

My next project is our little island view. I purchased the pump and plants today; but I need some smaller tubing to fit through the center of the antique water pump to allow the water to flow out from it. Then, we'll be good to go. Oh, and of course, fish.

Tomorrow is another day. Unfortunately, it's going to be just as HOT as it was today. Note to self: make more tea, stay cool, avoid migraine.

Wishing you pain-free days. Stay cool

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Baby, It's Hot Outside

Yesterday it was 96, and I don't really want to know what it was today. Frank was having loads of fun, (can you tell?) with the little guys, and the sprinkler, while Cinderisa and I were gone shopping.

I know, he was hogging the sprinkler here. Chrisarella called to tell me he was running through the sprinkler and I immediatley told her to get the camera. this is what we got. He is a lot of fun.

But for some reason, I just couldn't get him to do this once the girls had it set up. whatever. Vanessa, she's too much of a little scaredy-cat to really get into it; not the little wild boy. Oh, no.

Look out, Vanessa! But unfortunately, after the 15 minutes of play, it tore. So tomorrow, it goes back. Anyway, they enjoyed it while they had it. Yeah, "made in China" whatever!!!

Poor Nicholas - he judges all of his toys that break or have to be returned on where they were made. He looks where, literally everything is made now.

I now have a wonderful area to relax, stay cool and retreat from the bugs on my patio/deck area. I will be taking and posting pictures and sharing them. We will be having some rooms painted, I finally am getting my bedroom done in the colors I love; as the present color was mixed incorrectly and is just too much to deal with on the eyes.

The painting will begin on Wed. when the weather cools down. Christina will have her room redone. Her color is currently the color of Barney the dinosaur, so she is due for new color. The living room is being redone. We did just paint two years ago, but because the house is West-facing, it's actually very dark inside, so we need some brighter colors to POP. So I'm going green.

Frank and I have been very busy since he's retired. We just had some more work done on the money pit/house. We've been needing to get a barrier done to keep water out of the basement, and had some landscaping done in the process. I have finally been able to do some gardening; which I love to do. I will be adding pictures in days to come.

for now, I couldn't wait to show the kids and Frank cooling off.

praying you all pain-free days

Monday, June 02, 2008

Hope's Angels


intransitive verb

1: to cherish a desire with anticipation <hopes for a promotion>

2archaic : TRUST

transitive verb

1: to desire with expectation of obtainment

2: to expect with confidence

When you are expecting a baby, you hope for a healthy baby. You prepare for your new baby with everything you believe you will need, material wise. No doubt you will be handed items from friends and family, who no longer need or use them. You will be amazed at the items, clothing, equipment that this tiny little bundle will come into the world with, that you had absolutely no idea you would just need. And you will need everything. And more.

You have prepared the room; just the right colors; now for the third time. The crib is in place; again. Everything is so beautiful. Nothing can possibly go wrong; just need to wait, wait, wait.....

Then the day finally comes, the day, it seems, that everyone has been waiting for. They all ask when the baby is coming - no matter where you are. The store, church, work, they all seem to be curious about babies. But you have been waiting the longest to meet this perfect little person; this part of you that God has prepared for you. And today, you will meet - together.

But something is different. Something about this meeting isn't - perfect. Everyone around you is suddenly rushed and quiet at the same time; and so is your baby. quiet

"But it's not supposed to be this way!" you demand.

"But, it is." He answers. In a still small voice.

You cry the tears back, and pretend not to hear Him. "She is perfect. I made her for you. She is going to need extra-special care. Take good care of her." You don't want to listen then.

But as she grows and blossoms and blooms, you learn how right He was; she is perfect. She is the way He wanted her to be, and how can I argue with His greatness? Afterall, she will know no sorrow. She is a truly beautiful and gentle child of God.

Psalm 139:14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and my soul knoweth right well.

Yesterday, she was in a recital for Hope's Ambassadors, which she is one of. Let me explain: The entire group is called Hope Network, which includes the kids and parents. The parents get together and gripe and stuff that grown-ups do. During the week, the little kids, the "angels" get together and dance and stretch and sing with their hands; and then the "ambassadors" are the teens and older, come and basically do the same.

Yesterday was the recital; and it was so awesome that I was just about brought to tears. And so was everyone else that attended.

How adorable are they? They were keeping time. Ok, I must be completely honest here, Lexi wasnt so, ummm, much of a participant. But she was there with her peers and it was just awesome to see them, and her. It was amazing to see how simple it is to worship our Saviour. Not just children. Look deeper at these children. I wish you could have been there to see it for yourselves; it really was quite moving. These kids put their little hearts and souls into every movement.

When their voices couldn't sing; they used their hands, arms and bodies to sing and dance to Him. It was just breathtaking. If you ever, for any reason at all, get a chance to see this in your own area; you should take it. Trust me, you won't regret it. And I'm really not just saying that because of my Lexi.

Wishing you pain-free days ahead.