Friday, June 27, 2008

What a week this has been. I'm sure the picture pretty much explains all I need to say.

Yesterday I went for my cryoanalgesia procedure, in hopes of ending some of the nerve pain in my freaking skull that refuses to completely ever end!

Now many have asked me, "what exactly is Cryoanalgesia?" In short terms, it is freezing of the nerve that causes the pain in the occipital region - (for me), causing an interruption of pain impulses to the brain.

Why is it done? Ha! Why else, pain relief. It is performed to relieve pain from peripheral nerves (nerves that connect the brain or spinal column to areas outside the central nervous system). This pain often originates in the greater occipital nerves at the back of the head; the ribs, sacroiliac joints (connect the base of the spine to the pelvis), or vertebra.

Of the many, MANY procedures (etc) I've tried, this seems to work the best for me. Of course, it's not for everyone, and it can be rather, um, uncomfortable; as most procedures for migraine relief seem to be.

How is it done? This is the uncomfortable part of the procedure I was talking about; and it can be done with or without sedation. CHOOSE SEDATION. You will not be completely sedated, as your doctor needs to have your attention and know, well, where it hurts, when he hits the right spot, so to speak. I'm sure by now, you know THE spot.

Once you've been sedated, he makes a small incision into the skin, and a small probe is inserted into the area. With the probe in place, a machine connected to the probe will be turned on and a small ball of ice will form around the tip of the probe; thus freezing the nerve and interrupting transmission of the pain impulse. well, eventually. You will be feeling pain and some discomfort for the remainder of the day.

I was in full migraine for the past two days, which did NOT help matters. With that and not being able to drink prior to the procedure, making me dehydrated; spiked me into a nice big ol' 8. Needless to say, I spent the day on the couch with ice on my head, drinking a wonderful new gingerale/green tea combo that Frankie found for me. which, since I love love LOVE it, it will probably go off the market within the next 3 months. I hate that.

I feel so much better today. Thank you Toradol. thank you cryo. and ice. and much much prayer. Thank you Lord. I'm sure by tomorrow, I'll be even better.

Happy Anniversary Frank.
wishing you all a pain-free weekend


Megan Oltman said...

Deb - I sure hope your cryo leaves you so you don't have to cry... Sorry you've had such a rough week. Thanks for the info about the procedure. Do you find it more of a rescue procedure for acute pain, or does it also work longer term to prevent the pain for a while?

Feel well, dear!
- Megan

Migraine Chick said...

Thank for the info on procedure. Sending prayers your way and I hope you are feeling better.

p.s. What brand is the ginger ale/green tea beverage. It sounds yummy.

deborah said...

Megan, it's actually more of a preventative for long-term.

Chick - so welcoming the prayers, since I woke with yet another beast this am at 2! the ale is put out by Canada Dry. go get you some.