Saturday, June 07, 2008

Baby, It's Hot Outside

Yesterday it was 96, and I don't really want to know what it was today. Frank was having loads of fun, (can you tell?) with the little guys, and the sprinkler, while Cinderisa and I were gone shopping.

I know, he was hogging the sprinkler here. Chrisarella called to tell me he was running through the sprinkler and I immediatley told her to get the camera. this is what we got. He is a lot of fun.

But for some reason, I just couldn't get him to do this once the girls had it set up. whatever. Vanessa, she's too much of a little scaredy-cat to really get into it; not the little wild boy. Oh, no.

Look out, Vanessa! But unfortunately, after the 15 minutes of play, it tore. So tomorrow, it goes back. Anyway, they enjoyed it while they had it. Yeah, "made in China" whatever!!!

Poor Nicholas - he judges all of his toys that break or have to be returned on where they were made. He looks where, literally everything is made now.

I now have a wonderful area to relax, stay cool and retreat from the bugs on my patio/deck area. I will be taking and posting pictures and sharing them. We will be having some rooms painted, I finally am getting my bedroom done in the colors I love; as the present color was mixed incorrectly and is just too much to deal with on the eyes.

The painting will begin on Wed. when the weather cools down. Christina will have her room redone. Her color is currently the color of Barney the dinosaur, so she is due for new color. The living room is being redone. We did just paint two years ago, but because the house is West-facing, it's actually very dark inside, so we need some brighter colors to POP. So I'm going green.

Frank and I have been very busy since he's retired. We just had some more work done on the money pit/house. We've been needing to get a barrier done to keep water out of the basement, and had some landscaping done in the process. I have finally been able to do some gardening; which I love to do. I will be adding pictures in days to come.

for now, I couldn't wait to show the kids and Frank cooling off.

praying you all pain-free days

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