Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mug Shots and Hail Storms

How pitiful is this picture of my bad boy? He was terrified when he was dropped off; like he knew what was happening. Poor idiot. I think he is asking for his Mommy here and promissing never to run through my gardens and pissss on my swing, plants, pretty flowers and other nice essentials I bust my hump for outside to relax and look wonderfully gorgeous and not stink like a horney dog who must mark his bad territory. Right, pitiful dog looking all sad and stuff. I crack up everytime I look at this picture.

Oh and yes, he was getting his teeth cleaned while he was under.

Look closely here. See anything weird or out of place in my garden?

Okay, how about here on the deck? This was done yesterday.

This is Marisa with a chunk of HAIL. It came upon us so fast and so furious; that the schools delayed letting school out for half an hour and had the kids in the hallways for safety due to a tornado warning.
I'm hoping the weather stays mild tonight - I. am. going. to. see (breathing) Dave. I can't wait. It's a little chilly here right now, I can handle that, just no rain or thunder or anything drastic.
Ok, need to go get the crew ready. Oh, and I'm almost done decorating - almost. My bathroom looks so cute. I can't wait to put the girls curtains up.
Have a super wonderful pain-free day.


Yes, My Name Is Really Brooklynn said...

Hail??? Goodness - that must have been a shocker. There has been some strange weather happening across the country lately. So far, Southern Cal has been moderate. We usually have a lot of June Gloom but it has not been so bad lately.

Hope your planting did not get damaged!!

Jeff said...

Little hail like that is kind of a cool novelty. We had golf ball sized bombs a few weeks ago that dented my car and ruined the roof on my house. Yikes!