Monday, June 09, 2008

Our Own Private Idaho

The heat is ON! I finally, at last have my wonderful summer "room" to sit and relax and entertain in. Please come in, sit down and grab a glass of fresh, iced sun tea.

How sweet is this? I got this lantern for $1 and the table for $2 at a sale. Add a little china bowl with Lobelia and it's all pretty.

The planter in robin's egg blue was also a steal, I painted it to match my new furniture and stuck pretty plants to match. The "rug" under Rocco, is actually made up from three beach sand mats for just $2.50 at Target. Sorry girls, I'll get more.

My little cooler table was in the shed; a little repurposing comes in handy. Right now, we are storing some toys like Bocce ball and frisbee's. But it will come in handy when we have guests. Just fill it with drinks and ice, and we're good. You can also see the legs of the table in this shot.

My next project is our little island view. I purchased the pump and plants today; but I need some smaller tubing to fit through the center of the antique water pump to allow the water to flow out from it. Then, we'll be good to go. Oh, and of course, fish.

Tomorrow is another day. Unfortunately, it's going to be just as HOT as it was today. Note to self: make more tea, stay cool, avoid migraine.

Wishing you pain-free days. Stay cool


Christy said...

It looks so peaceful, I think just sitting there would stave off a migraine. I see that just like at my house, as soon as you put down a new rug the dog owns it.

Jeff said...

Hey, these last few posts sure feel refreshing and upbeat. I hope that's a reflection on how you're feeling lately. :-)