Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One Fish Two Fish Red Lion head Fish...

My wee little pond-lette is now officially up and running. I cannot get enough of it. I have had the old water pump and washtub for three years, and have been waiting that long to put this together.

I also have plants that I installed yesterday. From here, you can see the water trickling from the spout. This is going to be a very addicting hobby. I have already decided that I need, oh yes, I need to have an uplight on the cherry tree; this way the entire area will be lit at night.

Today I had to stop at a local POND STORE/installer. Who knew they even have such a thing. Oh the many wonderful things you can put in your yard for a pond. I do believe by little pond-lette is going to grow. Oh, yes, I think it will indeed grow and stream and more rocks. OOOOh, look closely there, see some orange in there? Yes, those are fishys. I just had to get me some fishys at the store today. We have two Red lion heads and two Shebunkles.

Hey, there little fishy! I put a long rock in for hiding from the cats, and we haven't seen the Shebunkles since very much. I am having a wonderful time with my new little project/hobby. Oh, did I mention that I did this MYSELF. Cause I'm so smart like that. and handy and all.

OOps, one of our little lion heads comitted suicide right in front of Nicholas and I tonight while we were feeding them. He was just swimming away, swimming away, with his little partner; oh and the shebunkle came out, but the poor little guy swam real fast right into a rock, bounced off and was just sort of partly swimming for a few minutes. He did this little swim here and there, then he'd sink to the bottom; wiggle his tail a bit, float to the top. Finally, after 20 minutes he just stopped altogether. It was really sad.

So Nicholas and I brought him in and offered our condolences - over the toilet. He was a real big boy over the entire ordeal, he insisted he be the one to both drop and flush the fish.

He's just growing up so fast. He was bird-watching in this pic lastnight. What a little man. When we said our prayers tonight, he prayed that the other three fish would be ok. So sweet.

I received some rather disturbing news today; one of the medications I take as a preventative for my Migraine disease will not be covered by my prescription plan from my insurance company. Therefore, I now need to be taken down off of the medication that has been making my life liveable for the past two years. Well, I started it two years ago; and I'm now able to live life without being confined to my bed, or a hospital bed. In reality, it has taken probably most of those two years to get to this point.

The drug is Namenda; and it is, of course, off-label. It is given to patients with Alzheimers, or early dementia. And this is the argument my carrier, Caremark is holding.

So now what happens? Hopefully, nothing. I'm seriously hoping that, maybe, just maybe I don't really need the drug anymore (hey, it can happen, right) and I'll be fine. But there is this scared twinge inside of me saying, "uh-oh, hope you enjoyed the vacation. It's going to be a bumpy ride home."

I'm usually the girl with the glass half-full, so I suppose I need to look at it as such. Hey, at least I can go veg with my pond and my fish when I'm stressed.

Aaaaaaand my bedroom was painted today. Just need to decorate. Tomorrow, Chrisarella will have her room done and the livingroom will be painted. Lot's of new color. Shopping tomorrow. ugh.

wishing you well, with pain-free days.



Migraine Chick said...

I love your pond! I've been wanting one forever!

Emily said...

your pond looks GREAT! i love the spigot. or is it spout? either way it looks amazing!

so sorry to hear about the namenda! that makes me mad for you. i worked at an insurance company a few years back, so i just have to ask; did you appeal the decision? sometimes if you get your dr. to write a letter of appeal, the insurance company's dr.s will reconsider... you've probably already considered this option, i just want to make sure. don't want to leave any stone unturned you know. :(

MaxJerz said...

Deborah, did you try appealing your insurance company's decision? Teri has some great advice on how to do that in exactly your situation:

Good luck to you.

Be well,

deborah said...

thank you, all. And yes, actually, my docs office has been trying to appeal it and the insurance company just won't budge. They've been very clever in their wording as to why I need the medication; as far as Carmark is concerned. I'll look into the site, though. This is ridiculous, considering that this is the only med that HAS worked for me. I'm a tough case. should prove to be interesting.

Megan Oltman said...

Hi Deb - Just weighing in on the side of appealing - and NOT giving up - also call your state insurance commissioner and your Congressperson and tell the insurance company you have done that. No kidding. Fight it, kiddo!
Crossing my fingers for you!
- Megan

Jeff said...

Did you learn NOTHING from my fish-sicle debacle of last winter? But then again you probably don't have the sub zero weather for weeks at a time like we do here - so your fish will probably be ok.

deborah said...

first, I never learn from anybody's mistakes; ever.

and on the "you probably don't have the sub zero weather.." we live in central NY. sub zero for months at a time. so, Jeff, I will be seeking your advice on my fish, should they survive our summers.

I can't imagine golf-size hail.