Thursday, May 27, 2010

RE - Entry

When we first moved into this house, the entryway was covered in a very full-on floral design that just wasn't, well, ME. So I slapped on a few coats of paint, added a suede finish and called it a day. It has been there for 7 years. I have since grown bored of it.

So a couple of stencils and some plaster here.

Some more pretty paint and glaze here and there, until I get the desired look. Or a look close enough to desire.

and this is my new look to the entryway. It really opened it up, brightened it. I even painted my once-red door and painted the "Welcome" sign on it.

I'm actually thinking of painting the inside of the door and applying a different sign. Maybe "Ciao" who knows. Next up is the kitchen. I can hardly wait! The pictures never do the job justice, it really did come out so much prettier than it looks. So nice to have good days to pretty up the place. I refuse to state how long the ladder was in the doorway waiting between good days.

Praying you all pain-free days.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

growing, growing. gone

Lexi enjoying herself in the misting fan on her final year of scholastic level Special Olympics. My big girl is 21 and graduating this year. She has been in school since she was 18 months old. She has achieved so much more than we were ever told she would. Boy did she show them!!!

I had a hard time pulling her away from this thing, she really did love it. It was so cute to see the kids get excited over such a simple piece of equipment. But they all screamed and jumped and squealed with excitement over it.

My other big girl who is graduating this year. Where oh where does the time go. This picture shows how much my girls resemble each other, and how much they just adore each other. Lexi was so excited when Marisa came over to the tent to see her. It was great to see so many high school and jr high students supporting the kids yesterday.

Meet our new resident duck family; Tony and Carmella. The kids and I are thrilled with their presence and welcome them. Frank on the other hand, not so much. I'm just happy they aren't geese.

Isis is hoping she can catch them, but we are trying to keep her away from them. They have been hanging out in the neighbor's yards behind us, in their pools also, so I think they are staying around.

As for the monster, I have been trying to keep that at bay, and am waiting for another round of radio frequency this coming Friday, to "zap" it away for another few months. Hey, here's hoping.

Cinderisa is making decisions for after graduation; ugh. She leaves the nest 2 days after she graduates to work for Southwestern Book co. for the summer. Which, in itself, is an amazing experience for her. I know, we are on our second year of hosting kids from Southwestern. I think all kids should try to take the opportunity and work it. When she comes home from that, she should be leaving for boot camp for the Air Force. She is just growing up and out.

Last weekend the kids performed their final drumline show, to which, I sat and cried; knowing it was her final performance. I have become a weeping, sap of mush. I am going to be a complete wreck on graduation day, not to mention that Lexi will be graduating in two weeks. I am a mess! Is this what is meant by growing pains?

Nicholas and his class performed for the Mom's yesterday - we all cried. They prepared breakfast for us and made placemats and sang us these sweet songs. It was just awful; in a sweet way, we were all complete messes.

On a funny note, when Chrisarella and I were driving yesterday, we saw a bunch of her classmates (14yr olds) playing outside with rubber and foam swords. Not just playing, but sweaty, and running and seriously into it. I had to turn the van around for her so she could get pics, because, hey, sometimes opportunity just knocks. My little guy (9yr) and his buddies play with Air Soft and paintball. So maybe the joke is really on me. I mean, he does gear up, heavily. It was just cute to see a bunch of teenage boys all into their sword fight. Boys will be boys. I suppose.