Monday, November 30, 2009

So Thankful

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving; complete with my entire family here at my home. This is my Mom and Dad, and of course my silly girl, Lexi.

This is my brother Jimmy in his new kitchen - congrats to you, Jim.. We were celebrating Kaila's birthday. It was a very busy week.

My sis Denise.
My baby sis, Jamie and her husband Bill and their daughter Alyssa. They came in from KY and stayed for the week with us. It was a great week, other than we were all sick with a mad head cold. All but Bill, he somehow was lucky enough to escape it.
Their little happy man, Aiden who is always ready to smile for the camera.
Alyssa and Nick playing Crazy Eights. She looks pretty serious, doesn't she.
She is just beautiful. I miss them all so much. We had such a great, great time. The good news is, they are thinking of coming back home next summer. To live!

I have been decorating for Christmas since the week of Thanksgiving; with little bits of it here and there. But now, I'm just going all out on every floor, well except for the sleeping floor. I've decided against that. We are the only one's to go up, so I'm keeping my decorations where they can be seen. I have two and 1/2 trees up so far, two Nativities, 4 wreaths, actually I forgot to count my little fairy. Anyway, I need to get going for the party tomorrow!!!

gotta deck my halls

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fairy Decor

I have been listening to Christmas music for roughly two weeks now. I have slowly started to put some decorations out for the Thanksgiving/Christmas season. You know, the in-between time that comes. Not yet Christmas Tree time, but Halloween is over. Not quite time to thaw the birds. I'm excited - my sister is coming in from Kentucky with her family for Thanksgiving, she'll be coming in this Saturday. I haven't seen her in oh, four years. The kids barely remember each other. My family will be here, in my home for Thanksgiving. My whole family.

Even my little fairy door is decorated for the occasion! It looks so cute in person. I'm on the lookout for a mailbox. Not an easy find. I must be looking in the wrong place. The wreath is actually real. I made it a teeny tiny replica of the one on my door. I chopped up a tree in my yard, well some branches anyway, and fashioned me a wreath out of it. So very Martha of me. I know I will get that from my family next week.

For now, I need to continue to get my home ready for the onslaught of family and decor to fill the place. Tomorrow, I think I may bring out my new tree! Yes, a week before Thanksgiving.

Crazy me.
Hoping you are pain-free