Sunday, June 22, 2008

Swamp Rat

happy birthday

Ok, so not so much THAT rat, but a little more on the side of.........

this type of rat. Yesterday, Nicholas ran in his first ever race; the Swamp Rat Run.

He ran a mile, very intense I might add; and in just under 11 minutes. Not only were we proud of him, but he was proud of himself. His first ribbon ever!!!! I can't wait to make a nice plaque of this (below) picture, with the ribbon and his number. I'm just so creative that way and all savey-savey with stuff that the kids are rewarded or make. I'm a regular closet horder.
not that I horde closets, because that would just be weird, but now that I think about it, we do have a LOT of closet space. anyhoooo

How adorable is he though. He was very sticky and sweaty, but cute.

Ah yes, Tuesday; this was the very cold (think global warming) and rainy evening of the DMB concert. We. froze. our. behinds. off! I must say though, Dave and the boys - just totally fantastic awesome stupendous and incredible. duh, goes without saying. The weather, on the other hand, well, let's just say the global warming got to me again! HA

Oh, and we (Frank) finally realized my need for a more powerful camera. and the crowd roared - yeah!!!!!!

On another note, I am finally done decorating the windows in this house! My neck is killing me from this dangerous and rather hideous chore. Not to mention, expensive! I hate, hate, HATE hanging curtains. curtain rods and such. It is a seriously painful task. Oh no, we still have the stupid kitchen and office to do yet. They can wait until after vacation because I just need a vacation and I don't know if I have anything left in me right now. these rooms require full makeovers. I will get a new stove out of the deal. Frank will get a new office and I will be re-organizing it so my scrapbooking area and the kids homework area are, well, homeworkable. it's going to be a big project. Like I said, after vacation. for both.

I think I just exhausted myself thinking about it. so goodnight for now. I will probably not sleep. hey, maybe I'll just look at office pics online. no no no that just will not do. kitchens!

oh bother. I'm getting a migraine.


Kellie said...

That is one fast little runner! Congrats for making such great time!

Megan Oltman said...

Congrats to Nicholas - what fun! You take it easy lady - don't knock yourself out before vacation so you can't even enjoy the vacation, ya know?

And BTW global warming doesn't mean it'll be hotter every single day - it's an upward trend but also is responsible for more severe weather patterns over all, storms, etc... Just sayin!

- Megan