Monday, June 16, 2008

Busy as a Bee

Frank and I have been busy, busy, busy since he has been retired. I haven't been able to come up for as much as a breath of air. Landscaping, my new pond-to-be, the never-ending running around. Oh, and Frank and Rocco having surgery on Friday. Just wait until I put the pic of poor Rocco up they took at the vet's office. so pitiful.

Last week, we had a few rooms painted. Which means the house has been turned up.side.down. I am still digging out.

This is the color Christina chose for her room. Naturally, it is more scrumptous in person. It is a huge improvemoent over the Barney purple that was in there.

This picture looks even better now. And again, even better in person. I still need to do the window treatment in her, my and the master bath yet. So lovely, her room.

This is the new color of the livingroom, it's called "pesto" and wow what a difference. I wanted something that would come alive and does it ever.

It really POPS against the diningroom, which is a beautiful deep purple, the same color as the skin of an eggplant. I'm thinking that copper will look nice on the new doors in the diningroom. oh yes, copper.

I chose my favoritest pretty color for my room, and this pic really doesn't show the true color of it - it's supposed to be robin's egg blue, but here it looks more of a muted sky blue. I just love my room now.
Frank chose the bedding, by the way. It's a pretty paisley, which I LOVE with a bit of floral and has the blue in it. Ties it all in very nice. I chose some nice sand-colored drapes that I will be putting up later today, along with the rest of the toppers that match the bedding.

Bargain center: the pretty blue vase was $1 at a garage sale. I made the beaded bracelets that are around the neck. The nesting boxes were on clearence at The Christmas Tree Shoppes - both under $1. The pretty scarf was my inspiration - for the past, oh few years. It's been set up on my mirror. I cannot wait to finish it up.
I bought the most gorgeous curtains for Cinderisa's room. They are grey and look like a State Troooper uniform. mmm mmm mm! Now, her room is deep navy blue, so it'll look sharp.
Oh, yes, I have been a busy girl. For the many men out there, a belated HAPPY FATHER'S DAY.

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Dr.Carley Clan said...

looks great
hope you had a great fathers day!
I love the way you did your home.