Tuesday, July 01, 2008

gamblor mucinex

This incredibly non-handsome monster has been cohabitating. my chest cavity. I bark and bark and bark all stinking night long; typically when I should be sleeping peacefully. NO. I have barked myself straight into a few migraines. I. am. exhausted.

This started as just a little something on Friday, not a cough or anything like that. I just felt like something in the air was sort of, you know, bothering me. This after I came to from the cryo/migraines. I still wasn't all that well from that either.

On Saturday, my voice was hoarse and I woke with pain in my chest and I knew what was up. I called in my script for the puffer, took a Mucinex and started praying hard it wasn't going to be like the last time. This is the 4th time in the last year I've had this. What gives?? I just have to say, if it isn't one thing, it really is another.

Frank and I have been trying to sort out whether the frequent and recent migraines are a direct cause from the decrease in Namenda - DUE TO THE INSURANCE CO. (still gathering info for appeal, thank you)

I will say, the cough is beginning to die itself down. a little. and, no I didn't actually go see my doctor. I don't like taking medication for everything I get that comes around. as far as an antibiotic; as I have a small list of those that I can take. So I just treat the horrid symptoms.

On a much sweeter note; Lexi spent the weekend with us. We did some visiting while she was here. First we went to Frank's Mom's house, where she demanded, "pasta" but was unsuccessful. She apparently wanted Nonna's homemade sauce.

Then we went to my Mom and Dad's. That is the three of them posing on the swing. She was very excited to have them sit with her AND get her picture taken. She is a sweet treat. I cannot believe this child is turning 20 in October. Just unbelievable.

Everytime she comes over, she demands a shower, but she doesn't normally spend the night; this time, I treated her to a vanilla and lavendar bubble bath and I even turned the jets on for her. Which of course, had her squeeling and flapping her wings! The first time I did this, Rocco thought I was hurting her, and he stood outside the bathroom barking for her in a very nervous way. Too afraid to come in, for fear of being placed in the tub himself.

Sir Stink-a-lot is getting a bath tomorrow. And, although Frank thought he should have a Harley logo on his vest; I think he's more Hello Kitty. It is afterall, all about the attitude. This pup is a major softie.
Well, I'm off to bark myself to sleep now. Wishing you pain-free days. and nights.


Emily said...

i totally think that those of us with chronic, unrelenting migraines should be spared the painful, horrible, no good and very bad sicknesses and injuries during these years. it only seems fair, doesn't it? i mean, once our migraines are back down to a reasonable frequency, then i'm all for open season again. just give us a break!

Jeff said...

Lexi seems like a total sweetheart. It must be great to see her again. But next time, make sure the girl gets her pasta! ;b

Hope you and Frank had a great anniversary!

Yes, My Name Is Really Brooklynn said...

What is the Namenda you were speaking of? I hope you win your appeal with your insurance company...remember you can always go to the Department of Insurance for assistance :)