Monday, July 14, 2008

Beneficial Spirituality

I believe the question was something along the lines of "how do I find spirituality beneficial with Migraine Disease?" And my answer is that my faith in God, in Jesus as my Saviour is beneficial in every aspect of my life, including Migraine disease.
I did, however, find myself without my personal relationship with Him, the closeness I had with Him, when I was going through the worst of my pain and suffering from the disease. It was also then, when I reached out to Him again, and trusted Him to get me through it. He did.
Just like any relationship, one with my Saviour takes great time, work, energy. But the difference with Him is that He did something for me that nobody else could ever do; He died for me. For ME! How do I walk away from that on a daily basis? But I do. And yet, He loves me. So much more than I could ever fully understand.
He loves me. He gets me through my toughest times; by prayer, answered prayer. Not just mine, but those who prayed for me. I do believe I was in terrible morbid shape just three years ago; only He could get me through that. And daily, He still does. I am thankful. Endlessly thankful.
So how does spirituality help me? Prayer to my Saviour on a daily basis. Reading my Bible and being in His House with my family, all make a difference. It is also so wonderful to see my children falling in love with Him and serving Him on their own, with their own faith. Christina and Nicholas will be getting baptized soon after vacation. I can't wait.
Praying you are headache free


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