Thursday, July 24, 2008 last

At long last, we are finally on vacation. We have safely landed at our very beautiful destination and are having a wonderful time. However; getting the pics to load has taken way too long, so I am only giving up a few for now. The lobster is Frank.

Nick looking cool on the beach. He was catching jellyfish and we do have pics of two before the beach burial. Unfortunately for Vanessa, she was stung while we were jumping the waves. She's ok, though.

One of the very few I was able to get of Cinderisa.

Look who got her hair braided! Her blue eyes are just glowing now that we can see them. She says it hurts to sleep; but she looks so pretty.

Vanessa and Papa under one of the waterfalls getting cooled off. It is very hot here. The majority of our first two days have been spent in the pools.

Nicholas enjoys the hot tub, for whatever reason. Yesterday we took the kids to see the USS Wisconsin, and we were able to board the ship. They all enjoyed that. The girls and I were able to pet a shark. A SHARK. It felt sort of like slimey sandpaper.

And stormed. HARD. And they/we received 2.6 inches of rain. In a matter of just a few short hours. And it has cooled down to about 80.

Nicholas woke up up this morning with a raging fever, sore throat, headache, and after a few hours, he barfed. He just woke up from a little nap. Fevered again. Poor guy. So much for our little surprise for today. Hopefully tomorrow.

Lunch time at the condo. ta ta.



Lisa Milton said...

So glad it's destressing vs. distressing because I think that would really defeat the purpose.

Have a fabulous time.

emily said...

hooray for vacation! i hope the beast stays away so that you can really enjoy it!

Migraine Chick said...

Hope you're having a wonderful vacation! Migraine beasts hate water!