Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home Again, at long last.

As good as vacation is to have; there truly is no place like home. And boy are we ever happy to be here. That's not to say we didn't enjoy ourselves, or were anxious in any way, but after 10 days, home becomes so, ohhhh, almost out of reach. The traffic on I95 and I1, honestly, I don't know how they live with it there. It was just awful. A trip that should have taken 5 hours, took us 8. But we're home. And we had a wonderful time.

This is the chalk drawing Marisa did on the Boardwalk during the "Chalk the Walk Explosion" contest while we were on vacation. She had been looking forward to this for a month. Pretty exciting. There were some neat drawings from kids to professionals - but I'm just giving up my girls today.

This is the USS Wisconsin we boarded on a very hot and sticky day. The kids loved this. They are under the turrets.

here. The size of this ship is just incredible.

My girls with a friend. I think this was on our last day. I can't wait to get my pics on a disc and developed. I haven't actually developed any of my digitals yet.

So this is what vacation does to us, it is exhausting. It absolutely destressed us. We all needed that. We were pent up with stress, each of us.

Yesterday, the kids had their friends over and gave out their souveniers and played games. It was nice to see them all. To be back in the normal life again. Frank and Marisa will be getting our bouncy dog back today. But first, he will be getting a bath; as he is going to stink. Can't wait to see him. Even Rocco has souveniers.
As far as the travelling migraine monster goes, I was attacked. The Scopolomine either wasn't working for me, or was doing better than it would have, had I not taken it. Either way, I had a bag between my legs, Zofran in my tummy, and I was holding my lips with my hand. Oh, and one hand on the door ready to jump. I don't know how my parents handled me barfing in their cars when we travelled.
On that note, it's time to make the little ones breakfast. yum.
Thank you for your well wishes while I was on vacation.


Lisa Milton said...

She has great chalk skills. Wow.

Jeff said...

Welcome back!

Your vacation looks like a blast. I need to get me one of those!

Dr.Carley Clan said...

Home at last
You are correct there is no place like home.
I hope you had the best time. I saw the pic of you and your hubby and the beach talk about sunburn. It is also great to explore those you a glimps of what it takes for us to stay a free country.
I hope you loved it and there are no storms ahead.
Wishing you a pain free day