Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hey, I'm Healed!!!!

Ok, ok,so not of Migraine Disease! What I am healed of, however; is this silly desire, and I mean SILLY, wacko, insane; I'm thinking I should grab my thesaurus here!!!!

A few posts back, hell, a few days back I wanted that cute, adorable little Yorkie. Remember that? She is still cute and adorable! She is here, in my home. She came lastnight, at approximately 6pm. She will leave tomorrow night at approximately the same time, foot in ass! I am swiftly understanding my own desire for large, lazy dogs. I will not soon forget this desire.

I have been spoiled by Rocco knowing his place in our home as nothing more than, get this, DOG. Yeah, he is a dog, he knows he's a dog, canine, lower than human, under the leader of ME - a k a "pack leader." Ms. Nina, as I call her, is another human in her home, and I'm assuming, the pack leader. Cesar would be so proud of me! I've been "shushing" her and correcting her, being calm and assertive, as every "pock lidder" should be. She is starting to understand that she just may not be a human here in my house. It may actually take all weekend.

Frank called me a few minutes ago, and said, "Hi beautiful!" And I shot back, "I'm over IT!!" He gleefully says, "Your MIGRAINE??" "No, you idiot! My stupid desire for a fu&$#*& Yorkie!!!!! What was I thinking??? I will keep my lazy, big-headed, stupid dog, over cuteness anyday!"
Now he's laughing at me! "So you don't want one?"
"Want one??? NO, NOT NOW!!! Not ever! I can't wait for her to go home!!! I HATE HER!! SHE HAS TOO MUCH ENERGY!!!!! SHE WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!" Now he's just cracking up at me. Good thing she's cute.

But she comes up to me, with that pleading little face, and I can't help but pick her up, to which she plants these kisses all over my face, and I m e l t. She's got me. Lastnight, when she was outrunning Rocco outback; this cutie patootie was actually flying. I'm not kidding, she can fly. She can fly?? (I'm now hearing the magpies in Dumbo, are you?) Can you see pink elephants yet?

Anyway, she runs, runs, hops, then flies about 3-5 feet! It was hysterical. That was where Rocco just gave up, how dare this little doggie stand him up? He WAS playing and running with his while Daddy was gone. I hear the door to the van, all excited to show him her flying trick. He comes out. But by now, Rocco is just 'exhausted' from his whole 5 minutes of running with the pee-wee. Hey, she showed him up. She can fly, he can't. So he refused to play with her after that. No joke. He wouldn't come down off the steps. And she just ran and ran and ran. And I literally had to bribe the little shit to get her into the house. OK, MOSQUITOS!!!!!

But, she really is cute! Hazel,her Mama, brought her little travel purse along in case we take her for a ride. She slept in it. And she didn't mind it at all. As a matter of fact, she may spend some time in it this weekend when we go out. I really do like her. However, I noticed a small problem she has - pee pee and poo poo in the house. And that is something I do NOT like. We will be addressing this issue.

So, I am cured of small dogitis. I will be glad to doggie-sit for Ms. Nina. I will stick to my big-headed dummy. I'll take Jamie's advice, maybe another Shrek is just what he needs. Or maybe we'll just bring Riley over more often to play. That's Jamie's dog. Hey, that reminds me, I need to get their pics up!!! Now that's cuteness!!!

Have a great weekend.

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