Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oh, what to write about???? I'm in a complete FOG. I must say, I love the color thing. I woke up this morning, seeing some fuzzy swirling color thingys. My girls were just telling me yesterday that I need to start painting again. As if I can really paint. Let's just say NOT! But what I am going to try my hand at, is my own personal little world of ;aura and the way I have been seeing it coming at me, in it's little triangles and swirls, geometrical dances, flashes of brilliant blues and hues and streaks and streams of light. I'll let you know how it comes out.

I have this incredibly huge and ugly wall that is made up of Tennessee marble, in mostly this color grey oh and white. Yeah, ugly I know. That is in my living room, which used to be mine, ALL MINE, until we were flooded and the volkswagon (TV) had to come up out of the family room. (Right, another blog!) So, I need color in that room! In a big way. The wall is roughly 8' x 15' - yeah, floor to ceiling white and grey marble - cold! I need color. There is a fireplace in the middle of it. I've been on the lookout for an old mantlepiece to erect around it, or an old section of barnwood for a mantle to go across the wall... Yayyy. It's really quite ugly, I assure you. So I'm thinking, an aura, a great peice of old, aged barnwood bolted to the wall, and I've got myself a great start to some good-looking room! I have the "safari" theme packed away, as I got sort of bored with that look, but am willing to give that a second try elsewhere. Any suggestions, would be greatly appreciated. For now, I'm going with the aura design.

Then it's on to the downstairs bathroom. In my head, it's done; Robin's-egg blue, kind of, but not necessarily this. Man, I am bored!

Must be the tame weather. The kids and I were on a cleaning frenzy this morning - this after the attack of the killer aura (sing to the tune of "killer tomatoes") That is now the 'song of the day!' You're welcome. Cinderisa has not only cleaned the pigsty, but has rearranged it as well. I'm amazed, she has found socks! Power Ranger, free from his little (ahem, RIGHT) meltdown, was actually able to clean his room by himself - how dare I? Someone PLEASE call child services - where IS the number??????? Cat Mawler, well, it was easy, her room is never really a mess. She painted her nails. (She's going to a friend's today, and when she gets back, her room is secretly going to be rearranged!!) I am so mean, I know!

I have a habit of not liking things to stay. I don't like change, but rooms MUST be rearranged on a constant basis. I'm getting better at this. I used to do it almost weekly. Really. Now I'm doing this on more of a - oh, more monthly basis. Wow, I'm slacking! It's from the stinking migraines. I've been wanting to move a certain piece of furniture from one area of the house to another; but for fear of Frank reading this and finding out, I just can't say. But it's been driving me completely mad just thinking of it. So eventually, it must be moved. I'm thinking "eventually" is today. But can I actually pull it off? Well, maybe with Cinderisa's help. If not, maybe I'll just stick to changing the Mawler's room for today and work on the other tomorrow. Newsflash - 2 of her friends (boys) are on their way over, perhaps they can move it up for me. I'm just awful! Time to go clear it off! I'll let you know how it looks. Then on to the Mawler's room and then perhaps the painting. Musn't let boredom set in. No, never let that happen.

One little thing I forgot to mention - the reason I got started in rearranging my furniture - this is SO mean. My girlfriend and I call it the "Helen Keller" - I used to purposly move furniture around to make Alexa get used to learning a new routine thru the house. This way, she would have to actually get off of her knees, and onto her feet and move around the house instead of crawling/running on her knees. She would actually have to "W A L K" How awful am I???? Yeah, then, when she would get mad, because the furniture was moved, and she'd yell - LOUD, we'd just call her, "Helen" and tell her to get up and move!

she had a speech therapist that wanted her to use a communication board, too. But I insisted she learn to talk instead. So I refused to allow her to use any, and I mean any means of communication other than speaking. I'm just mean that way! She learned to speak. Which she was doing quite well at home at the time. But at school, she was grunting and pointing - hence, the reason I opted OUT of a communication device. What a terrible mother! Poor Helen!

As a result, the little miss can both get around furniture and sweet talk her way thru the room quite well if needed. She only trips when I put my foot in front of her. KIDDING!!! Jeesh!

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