Thursday, August 10, 2006

Parks and Rec Update

Believe it or not, I actually did get a call back. Of course, with an excuse of, "With 100 kids there needs to be order, and sometimes it seems to taken as offensive."

To which I replied, "These were little kids, sitting quietly, in the first place!! Big guy (idiot) in charge, walking with bat-in-hand, in threatening manner, teens also in charge yelling 'silent lunch!' at already quietly sitting children, who were very intimidated by the entire scene. I didn't see anything remotely out of order, other than your man in charge!" I also mentioned the fact that the kids weren't allowed to play on the playground, he slamming his bat on the gym floor and hollering at the kids and other endless behavior my kids witnessed on only two days there.

He agreed it was inappropriate, and that I would find it better suited to my needs if I were to bring the kids back. Yeah, that's what I'll do! I told him, that they would NOT be returning, nor would my neighbor's children.

My husband had an even better idea, why not call children services? But then, read the paper; six times at one home and a five-year old, weighing 15 pounds, was neglected by chilren's services! So what good does that do? I suppose we as parents need to be our own advocates in this case. I'm just glad I listened to my gutt instinct, followed it, made a call; whether or not it does ANY good, my conscience is guilt-free. Hopefully, when the kids saw the commissioner at Parks and Rec yesteday, questioning the gestapo, they knew they would have perhaps a safer, more fun week.

Isn't that what they are entitled to? A safe and fun environment?

So blah blah blah, there you have that! In a nutshell.

I am now living with my 'wonderful migraine storm' of the week. I'm blaming it on P and R. I knew it was coming, had the aura to prove it earlier in the week, the nudges have been in the eyesight every moring. And now, SLAMMED! Woke up with a little 3, slowly it has been working it's way up uP UP to a, now 7. Like a kid on a pogo stick, it's jumping from my stomach to my head. Here we go with the round of meds/drugs, fluids. Let's see if I can win this round. Hmmmm, something is telling me................nope, not this time aroung girlfriend! Been lucky too long! It's actually feeling pretty ugly right about now. That tired, sinking feeling; eyes stinging, watery, the screaming in my left ear is starting now. The entire right side of my head has been playing this on and off game of numbing and buszzing from lip to cheek for the past week now. (note to self, start writing this down for doc!) Thank God I get to see him tomorrow about all this crap. I was going to talk to him about going down on some meds. I'd still like to do that.

So when do we get to do that? Go down on or off the meds? Sorry, need to get off the computer now.
wish you all weell. pain-free days

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