Saturday, August 19, 2006

New Club in Town

CLUBLIBBYLU - Oh yeah! If you haven't yet visited, go on over! THIS is where I want MY next birthday party. I don't care how old I am, or young, or whatever - this is the place for parties!! I'd heard about it, read about it in the paper when the door opened; but had yet to see it for myself. Now I'm hooked. Talk about playing dress-up! I thought the folks at "Build-a-Bear" knew what they were doing to come into the cash flow arena, they've got nothing on Miss Libby.

Let me just say first, my favorite and ONLY color for about 10 years, was pink. I had purses, socks, shoes, jewels, pants, shorts, shirts - you get the idea - in only pink. I was told I even "smelled Pink." Imagine that. My mother used to tell me I looked like I was wearing the same thing over and over. I didn't care; it was my color of choice and I couldn't get enough of it. Over the years, I learned to appreciate other colors of the rainbow and stretched my horizon in apparel with those colors. And now, I have the Cat Mawler, who also loves pink. A (step) grand daughter, who can be fashioned in pink, a neice, age 5, who can be adapted to the color as well. Cinderisa is more of a this color girl, and a little of this, with lots of this. So getting her into anything remotely near that side of the rainbow is a lost cause.

Until we stepped into fashionista land of Club Libby Lu, add a little "TA DA" with that and some fairy dust, and you're onto my side of the fence. My sister Denise, used to call me Miss Priss, when we were growing up - to that I say, "what everrr" and flip my hair. (fairy dust sprinkling around me). Even Cinderisa was enjoying herself, dressed herself in pretty pink boas, cowgirl hats, and crowns.

I suppose I should set the scene: I'm just rambling with excitement about the place. Me, the Power Ranger, Cinderisa, Cat Mawler; Terri, Amy, her friend Sara and her grandma. Oh, and I forgot, we had Vanessa!!!! (grand daughter - step) whatever. Anyway, we go in, and I'm in literal, "AWWW" over the place, I think we each went our seperate ways to investigate; there were clothes for your stuffed pooches, real pooches, kids, crowns - hey I believe every girl should have a crown - actually they were tiaras. For the Cat Mawlers delight, there was an entire wall of lipglosses and gels. She has a thing about lip gloss! Let me just tell you bout the purses: One was of a guitar, and the strap was the neck - way cool. Even my little drummer Cinderisa, yeah her, was getting in on the fun - she was playing dress up!!!! One purse, I may actually get her, Rock Diva, in black!!! I was having so much fun. They even have hair extensions - in a fascinating variety of color. Terri and I were trying those on. Mona, (grandma) was wearing a tiara, Amy and Sara had on the pink cowgirl hats. Before we were rushed out the door, by the not so friendly young (teen ager) manager; I spotted the bins of (insert concerto musico here) (and twinkles) Fairy Dust ! Now, we were in trouble, because we just couldn't contain ourselves - none of us - we were sprinkling each other, and giggling and just having a ball! Then we were (asked) to leave.

But, I want my next birthday party at Club Libby Lu. I don't care if they believe I'm too old! Let them say that to my face. I want to sit and have me and my friends made up, fairy dust and all, hair twisted into pincurls and pony tails, with pink extensions. Insert my tiara, ahem, crown on top, boa around the neck, sprinkle a little fairy dust. Call it a great day. What could they say? They'd probably get a kick out of it. Bunch of 40-something (you're welcome Ter!) ladies in for a party, to get all dolled up. That's it, I'm setting it up!!!! Anyone else who wants to join the party is more than welcome!

On a side note: my sis, Jamie invited the kids and I to come over for a swim yesterday - Rockhead too. It was pretty hot, so they got their suits and off we went. Rocco and Riley were in their glory, happily running and peeiing with each other, dog-butt sniffing kind of day for them. Her MIL came home from work and was able to meet Rocco, in her yard. Now poor Joanne is not what you call an 'animal person.' She will tell you so. So having Jamie's dog is one thing, having my beast, is something of - let's just say, bull in china shop in comparison. He's a large drooling idiot. It was hot, he was running, panting, and drinking. Got the picture? Seen "Hootch?" That is Rocco! Gross, I know; but to know this dog, is to love him. He is a senseless wonderbeast.

"Oh my Lord!" I believe were the first words to come out of her mouth when she came out. To which, he just had to give her the ol' doggy HELLO!! Butt sniff, which usually is followed by his 20 pound head trying to lift you off your feet. She was very calmly trying to shoo him away. Jamie and I just laughed.

Then he was terrified! Yes, my staunch protector was terrified, by Craig. her son - age, 20 I think. He walked to the slider, Rocco saw him, backed up, and started barking and yelping in horror, hair standing up and all. He ran behind Joanne's chair first, and then Jamie's. This dog was scared! Hysterical. I told him it was the AC/DC pjamys he had on. Stupid dog.

I can't wait to go Christmas shopping - I know, but just look at your calendar, it's time to start the dredded lay-away! I'm determined to get most of it completed before Christmas Eve! My first place to go, is Libby Lu - where I will, no doubt, spend too much on the little princesses in my life. The one's who will stilll wear pink and pretty things. I used to dress my girls in dresses and bows all of the time. They've outgrown that for some time! But now there are the little one's in the family - I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

And then, in March, I'm having my birthday party at Club LibbyLu. A few of my favorite girlfriends and I will be getting ourselves made over, and then go celebrate our new fasion. The Cat Mawler just asked if she could come along. Hmmmm, I'm not sure yet. Maybe just the older ladies this time! She's bumming. Hey, we didn't have this kind of crap when we were growing up. We just raided Mom's closet.

I now fully understand the statement, "It hurts to be beautiful." It has nothing whatsoever to do with physical pain. Unless of course, you're so vain you're having silicone shoved into your chest cavity, or collegen into your lips. (inserts Cher's scary face here). So anyway, what that statement really means is, it hurts you financially! The cost of beauty is painful. Truly painful. I, being the 'high-maintenace Queen Bee' that Frankie says I am, and I really am; need special soaps, sensitive skin. I have a strange preference for my beauty products. I have a Victoria's Secret card and I know how to use it. They have the best make up, and it doesn't make my skin erupt, itch or break out! I love their silkening lotions and use only two of their scents - I'm hooked. I can wear them, without the fear of the dreaded monster attacking my brain.

Yes, it hurts to be beautiful - an I'm in agony. But damn it, I'm going to LibbyLu for my birthday!

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