Monday, August 21, 2006

Warning - Aura ahead

That is what I woke to this morning. There was no actual "warning" but there was no actual visual field either. Only aura. The kind that is THERE! The DEEP unpenetrable (is that a word???) sheet that I woke to. It was almost blinding in thickness. I'm not sure I can even explain the contents of it, there was so much to be had. Thick! That's what it was. I couldn't see. It was so thick, the aura. I could only see the aura around me. I can only feel the aura still. I am dizzy with it.

It began yesterday afternoon, after I left the church. It always begins there; something about the auditorium - the way the room makes me feel afterward. Off, in my balance, the way I sway in my head, and then on my feet, or off my feet.

I just can't tolerate the red any longer. I apologize for the color changes.

When I got home, the migraiane hit me - Hrd! I laid on the couch, and the sounds arond me became so loud, and I was so cold. Frank was out mowing the lawn. When he came in and found me, he sent me to bed with 2 Toradol and a Zofran. But it didn't help. I had hoped it would. It didn't. I couldn't eat dinner. Just gingerale. I went to bed, and then I got up this morning to the amazing technicolored and thickness of my aura. I am still trying to get thru it all. My head is still swimming, my balance off. I'm still fighting the pain. Naturally, I'm thinking of the list I have to do; laundry - the pile of it! It never ends. The lists of school supplies for the kids came this weekend - so I need to get that done. School shopping must get started. My house is a mess again. I don't clean on the weekend anymore, taht time is for my family.

The kids and I had a blast on Friday, we hit a few garage sales, it was so much fun. Cinderisa was reluctant, but was later glad she went. She was able to find some great buys of her own. We found games, sweaters, Nicholas was able to buy himself 2 baseball bats!!! They even threw in a Yanks cap wit the bats. A new little deco for my car. Yes, Cassie, the Yanks are rocking your Sox this weekend!!!!!! "Who's your Daddy???!!!"

For now, I need to get myself motivated as best I can despite my little brewing storm front. I hate giving in to it. I do know it will get me eventually, not now however. I have things to do. Driving is out of the realm of possibilites today. I'm not stupid, cautious. Home is where I'll stay, get things done here.

I hope all in Migraineland have a better day

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