Monday, July 31, 2006

Gigglefest '06

We survived!! Yeah.... Friday night was the big sleepover. Cinderisa had her two "peeps," Cassie (all blonde), and Emily(should have been a blonde, but is a red). Then there was Chrissy's friend, Brittany - all silliness. We hosted a little cookout, music (DMB, naturally), they brought movies; it was actually quite fun!

Now, I'm not opposed to sleepovers, it's just been a really long, long time since I've allowed this many children in the house at once. Included are my own of course. Hence, the ever-present MIGRAINE, that keeps me, the kids and of course Frank from enjoying most anything above the decible of, oh, 10. I'm actually considering having earplugs permanently inserted surgically, deep inside my ears. The big soft, cushy one's that he brings home, just aren't working anymore.

ANYWAY...... there was the typical 13-year olds gang up on the 11-year olds teasefest. It was actually all-in-fun for the most part, although there were a few times I needed to scold the bigger girls. We watched Edward Scissorhands, which I hadn't seen in ages, and they loved it! We watched it again lastnight. Girls love Johnny Depp. Come to think of it, women and most men these days love Johnny Depp.

On Saturday we had the giggle party for Chrissy. I had ordered a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling. Let me just say, you really only need a 1in square of this stuff, it was RICH. Delicious, but sweet and rich. The kids did a craft, watched a scary, and I mean, SCARY, thunderstorm that had to blow it's way in.

Cinderisa and Frank had picked up the pizzas for the party and were fortunate enough, (right) to witness a little power line meeets gas line explosion down the road. They were very excited and jazzed to tell me all about it. I'm feeling the wrath of God as I look over Marisa's demeanor and excitement, and she has the nerve to ask, "Can we ALL go and , (get this), WATCH IT?????" I can just see myself explaining to the parents of these kids, in the ER, why exactly their kids are burned beyond repair or just have some little electrical burns. Meanwhile, thunder booming, rain falling sideways, literally, I'm beginning to feel my heart race a little faster. Frank just says, "you would have had a heartattack if you were driving!!" and he was being honest. I probably would have had, at least a small anxiety attack, not knowing what to do. Good thing he was driving.

With the storm, unfortunately came the unrelenting Migraine. To which I am just tired of playing host to. I was the Mommy host Saturday, not supposed to be the Migraine host. I play that role everydamnday. For just one day for my kids, I'd like to go on without the doldrum and wreckage of self! After the very heavy cake, presents, pizza and crafts, the little gigglers decided to go play in Chrissy's room. I headed for the couch, curled into a ball, and silently prayed for it to just g o a w A Y!!!!!! It just laughed at me. Literally, I heard it, inside my head, the mumble and jumble of nonsense and silliness. Slow at first, then speeding itself faster and faster. Defeated - again. Naturally.

One of the girls came up to me, knelt down and whispered, "Can I stay overnight? Your house is fun!!" I had to break her little spirit, and tell her no, I felt like death, but she was even more relentless than my migraine, "How about if I stay until 8?" "No, honey, I really don't feel very well right now. Another time." "How about 7???" she asks, excitement all over her face. At this point, I just ignored her. She got the hint and went back to the giggleparty in Chrissy's room. When her Dad came to get her, she thanked me and told me she couldn't wait until she could spend the night!! Oh boy! I'm wondering if she is going to call me everyday and ask. She really is a sweetheart, though.

So, I survived the gigglefest. Christina was excited she had a party at home, for a change! We haven't been home for her birthday the past 4 years on her birthday, because we're usually in Virginia Beach; our vacation spot. But this year, we opted out, renting it instead. The travelling makes me too sick to enjoy most of the vacation. We all missed going. Hopefully, next year will be a better year. Maybe, just maybe, I will be able to travel. I'm thankful they have the memories of our past vacations there. I'm thankful I was able to experience it with them. I miss the friends we see when we are there. But I know they will be there next year. I know we made a good decision this year for us.

Yesterday, I woke with a grand slammer, but denied allowing it to overcome my day. The only beautiful day of the week. We have been put on a heat advisory - high humidity and heat for the remainder of the week. Oh joy! Thankfully the A?C is in good working order. Today, is actually not so bad so far. I'm actuallly thinking of taking the kids to the beach before it gets too unbearable. We put my eggplant in the ground yesterday, and I have some cute little starters on buds. Can't wait to cook those babies!! Because of my digging pooch, I can't plant anything in the backyard yet, not until he's in a run. Which we're hoping for next year. I can just hear the crying now!!

Alice-in-Wonderland visited me yesterday, not feeling I was myself; but next to myself. Head spinning, pressure building inside. Tile grout meeting my knees. Aura all around, everywhere. Migraine coming and going - mostly on the left side yesterday. This one hit from the back of the head, like a lead pipe. Muscles shaking and twitching with the pain. And then, I entered the auditorium and it went into full-swing. What is it about the auditoruim?? I can feel my body swaying. I don't really want to go to that place right now. I survived it. I enjoyed the rest of the day; the sun shone, no humidity. My eggplant is planted. It was a relaxing day, despite the monster.

My friend, Dora called! She is doing well, and will be leaving the hospital today. I met her in MI, she, too suffers from the beast. She says she feels better than she has in years, can't wait to start living her life again!! What a wonderful call that was. I am so happy for her. I hope she can defeat it. I hope we all can.

So today, I'm going to enjoy the sunny day with my kids before the humidity lands. Always trying to be one up on it.

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Kerrie said...

I'm sorry you've had a rough time after the party. It sounds like a ton of fun.

Mmm, Dave. I'm listening to a live show and got chills hearing him sing "honey, honey" in Everyday. It's frightening to know how much control that voice has over me!

Thought you'd like to know that I thought of you this morning when I heard Rhyme & Reason. :)

If you haven't seen it, I recommend watching the Sing Along video on the DMB website ( I love it.

I promise that I won't gush like this again! It's just so exciting to know another fan who's also a migraneur. :)