Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My Pretty New Car!!

Well, I have finally taken pics of my car and I'm now posting them for any who are remotely interested!!! Yeah, so probably not. And of course, for whtever reason blogger is having some problems uploading whoa, what happened there????? Color-changing on me! Maybe I'll try the pics some more. Be back. Nope, not working.

So as you see, it is a very cute little car, note the Yankee plate on the front!! Nicholas helped install that this morning.
RRRight! I finished this little, mmmmm bigger blog off actually lastnight, clicked on the "preview" button, and lost everything I'd blogged. So now I'm going to try AGAIN!!!

THAT is my car. Those are my cute kids, who helped me wash my cute car. Nicholas helped me install my Yankee plate on the front of the car, which I "borrowed" back from him. Took it off of his wall. He has THE coolest room in the house. Navy blue walls, darker than the car, true-blue-boy. I call it his Yankee room. It is complete with Yankee decor. However; Philip did dec it out with his Bruce Lee items and Syracuse University leftovers before leaving for bootcamp, so it's a little "pimped-out" as Phil calls it. Complete with, hold your breath, 50 gallon snake aquarium. Yes folks, my boy has a Ball Python living and breathing in his bedroom. His name is Hyrup. Sounds like Syrup. I was completely reluctant at first, squeemish and girly; although I used to own iguanas, but I've grown to love our Hyrup. He's quite friendly. So long as you're not a small rat! He, believe it or not, knows his name! Or maybe it's the sound of your voice, but he comes when called. Cute. Really!
The little girl next to Nicholas is my neice, Alyssa. Is she not completely gorgeous or what!!! And she is a riot. When we were finished with lunch yesterday, I was giving the orders of who should do what. With all seriousness she says to me, "why do you make your kids do homework?" Meaning housework, of course. So cute! I told her, "Well, honey, they need to earn their keep if they want to live here. Doesn't your Mommy make you do homework?" She had no smile, just a very serious look on her face. But she did put her crust in the garbage like I asked her, and watched, cautiously as the girls HAD to, dare they, clean up the kitchen after lunch. She did tell me that she had to clean her room and bring her plate to the sink, which I explained was homework. I'm not sure she liked that.
I needed to take Marisa to the doctor's to have a ahem, growth, looked at. A very large wart. This is where the real Alyssa kicks in. This child is the same age as Nicholas, 5, but, being a girl she is going on oh maybe 15. BACKTRACK - Marisa refers to herself as, get this; Cinderisa. So, on the way to the docs, Alyssa says this litle statement: "One day, Aiden (her two-year old brother) was being bad, and Mommy said, 'Aiden, if you don't stop being bad, I'm sending you to Aunt Debbie's and she'll make you do homework!' So then she put him down for a nap and he waked up and he was being good after that and he didn't need to come to your house to do homework." I about pee'd my pants in my clean car after that statement. Which, of course, she just went about talking with Nciholas about nothing after. Cinderisa and I just laughed.
Now we get to the Pediatrician. This is where things got very interesting for me. And for any Migraineur who actually reads my blog, I'm asking if this happens to YOU: The scene; the floor is the black and white linoleum tile, on the diagonal; there are no straight and narrow pathways, mind you, only awkward turns. This is a new building. Not quite halfway up the wall, are the designs of oh, maybe 4 and 5 in. circumference circles of black dots on white walls to imitate the Disney Dalmations. This makes the Wainscoting. Above that, and can you just believe there's actually MORE??? Dizzying I know, I LIVED IT!!!! ... were these giant black, natually, Mickey Mouse shaped heads. Now, is where I'm clutching the wall, walking slower, reaching for something, didn't know what, feeling my knees go weak, watching as the floor was actually moving from side-to-side and my head, just the lower part in back was making this incredibly strange 'sound' and feeling at the same time. And let me just tell you that my stomach was instanty sick. The floor that had been white, oh, anything white, was now yellow. I was in slow-motion, walking, hanging onto the wall. Marisa was just watching me, laughing, saying, "Hang on, Mom," Hey, thanks for the support there Cinderisa! I think I have some toilets that need some swishing today. The nurse is just looking at me like I'm a freak, and I say something like, "you know theethe floorth are really bad for peeple with neurolololo dithordordorthh." And man did my head really start spinning then. She just gives me funny look, I sit, Cinderisa giggles. She weighs Cinerisa-on-her-way-to-scrubbing-toilets, much needed for wart removal, and says, get this, "ok, let's go to another ROOM!!" Kidding, right?
Down the hall and to the right or left, at this point, nothing made sense anymore. I'm just trying to walk, hang onto a wall, and look at the ceiling, thinking, yeah, and I need to drive after this! So I call Frank - "Here's the situation (explain it), and it's not good, the place is crazy and I'm in complete Migraine trigger Hell!" Which he responds with, "just try to focus on something else," but there really is nothing else. NOTHING. The place is a dizzying nightmare! But, like always, he's calm and cool, and that was what I needed.
The doctor came in did her little cryoprocedure on the twisted maniac child of mine. I did ask, seriously if I could do it, too. I don't believe she thought I was serious, folks I was dead serious. More of the dizzying hallway of horror on the way out and I was free.
But I've been anything but free since then. We had a storm lastnight. I've been a wreck between the two of them. When we got home, I took my trusty Toradol and hit the couch, in my usual migraine pose, hand on face, and I lay there, trying to relax. Trying hard. And over and over in my head were stupid random nothingness words and thoughts of 2-3 word sentencs linked to more 2-3 words hanging onto more and more going fastrer and faster and going and going and going. And I'm trying to make sense of what in the WORLD my head was trying to say, and I was clueless! I flelt like I was having a conversation with a bunch of giggling 11-year old blondes and I was stuck in the middle. I jumped off the couch, ran down to the computer room where Frank was and was probably rambling about what was rambling in my head, making no snese at all. Migraine so intense!!! The stomach again, ok, now I need myZofran. It just all started. By 7, I knew I was defeated. Took another Toradol, had an iced-coffee, that helped kick it into gear a little followed by water water water. Couch.
Silly Frank was on the porch during the storm with goofy, and wanted me to sit out there with him. Now, I'm quite scared of storms. Not like I used to be, but I have a great respect for them and their destruction. I didn't like that he was out there, but he had just lit a cigar, and he was not about to waste it. Oh, and he has no fears. I was watching the BOLTS, eyes wide, even as I write this. This was adding to the pounding, he says, (yeah ok Frank!) "turn on the Weather Channel and see what it says." Now, I'm the type that doesn't allow tv, computer, running water, telephone use, and certainly not any outdoor activities. So ME watching the WC was out of the ?!! He just rolls his eyes at me.
I used to hide in the closet when I was a kid, and even with MY kids when they were young; and my ex-husband would get so mad at me. So I used to literally make myself enjoy the storm with them. I'd make a party, with crackers and grapes and cheese and we'd sit on the porch and watch it. It was an enclosed porch, so it was safe. I was terrified, shaking. But I didn't want them to have my fears. Marisa still talks about that everytime we have a storm.
When I got up this morning, I knew things wern't too much better. I could see the bathroom tile moving. I'm just wondering what kind of day I'm going to have, already knowing, deep down, what is already in store. The pain is here. I'm unsteady. funny how the weirdest things will just throw me off. So has it happened to YOU???
This is Nicholas' new bike! He gets very upset wtih it and argues with it. Funny thing about him; when he gets mad, he'll argue with himself. Philip would make fun of him when he was home. I miss him. Frank took him to the park across the street to ride, and he'd ride, and fall, ride and fall, ride and fall.

This is the Big Dummy watching and crying because he can't be at the park with them. Yes, he smiles. He is a creampuff a real sweetheart. He is doing so much better without his old pal, Luke. He has visiting friends now. My sister Jamie, Alyssa's Mom, brings her dog, Riley over. They love to run and play together. The onl time Rocco will actually play is when another dog is here. He is very lazy. He refuses to fetch a ball, frisbee anything other than a Scooby snack or a cat. Which of course, he's not allowed.
It's time to go, my head is swimming - literally.
Wishing all a pain-free day. drive safe, no cells while driving.

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