Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pie, Oh My!!

6:30am, nausea - CRAP!!!!! Not again. Oh yeah, here we go. What was it this time? Get up, run to the arsenal, Zofran, Toradol, water, start the process - FASTER this time. Before the headache begins. I am so sick of this. Heatwave coming thru this week, too. Storm came this morning. What did I have to eat?

The very last thing was the blackberry pie I made. THAT was, I must say, AWESOME! A little tart, Frankie likes it that way, nontheless, very good. I don't think it was that. We had fish, grilled, steak, I only had one small bite of sausage. Salad, lots of salad. My choices are so few to avoid the many triggers. It couldn't have been anything I had for dinner. I had plenty of water all day. No wine. I had l ginger ale. Mostly water. And then we finally narrowed it down - it was breakfast - we made brunch yesterday. Bacon, my "famous" (as Nicholas calls them) scrambled eggs, hash-brown potatoes by Frankie, Vanessa and Nicholas; very tasty I might add. I never even thought about the BACON!! And neither did Frank. We are both usually quite good about my diet - what can and can't go in the ever-triggering-war-zone. But, oops, we screwed up good this time. Hopefully, I can get thru the day, the weekend and the very hellacious hot, humid week scheduled without going thru another freaking storm.

This time, I wll try to stay optimistic. No, not stay, but become optimistic. I have become very pestimistic about my outcome when I get an aura - I know what lies ahead. And, unfortunately, the sparkles, the pinwheels, and the blasted nausea this morning were my little warning that something unwonderful was about to happen. SO, I am going to try something NEW - actually, old, I used to be an optimist, I'm going to her today.

Yesterday, we, as a family washed the hubby's minivan(my 13 year old on top) - I was clenching my LIFE!!!!! It looks good. We washed and waxed my baby, my beautful 300M - she sparkles and shines. I told Frank the "M" stands for "Migraine" but I don't think I like that - any ideas would be greatly appreciated. "Magnificent" Yeah, I know, I'm obsessing. So what! I'm allowed.

OOOOOHHHHHHH!! Hummingburdds. Yes, we have the hummingbirds by the way. I need to go. Here comes the f%$$^^&^ pain.

I wils all a pain-free weekend

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