Friday, July 21, 2006

Happy Birthday, Blondey!!

Today is my little Blondey's 11th birthday! I just can't believe it, where does the time go? I know I probably say this every year, but reallly, where does it go? I was looking thru pictures this morning - man do I have some scrapbooking to do! I came across this sweet pic of her sucking hre thumb, hanging onto her Atty, as she calls it, pronounced Otteee. It's a blankee that she has had since a baby. It was hanging out to dry and she just couldn't wait, so she hung on and sucked her thumb, I should attatch the photo. It's adorable. She was probably 2 or 3 years old in the photo, we still lived with her Dad so she was pretty small. Yep, cute pics. She loved that Atty. She still sleeps with the smelly thing. I don't know if she still sucks her thumb, though.
Her Bratz dolls were lined up next to her bed this morning when I went in to wake her. Like they were watching her. She's still a litle girl. Yeah!!!!!! She loves her Bratz, although, she is terrified her friends will find out. Funny, because, I'm sure they all play with them. She can't go a day without Raven, and Frank calls her Raven - she just rolls her big blue eyes and smiles, sometimes she'll pretend she doesn't like it. Sometimes he'll call her, "Curley toe," because her big toes curl up in this very strange way. Feet are ugly!! Even her curley toes are ugly.
Tonight she was supposed to go to her Dad's with Nicholas and Marisa, but she wanted to stay home with me and Frank, so we are going to make a cake and have some friends over. My friends. her giggly friends are coming for her party next Saturday. And boy do they GIGGLE!! Frank told her it was going to be a Bratz pack party, but she got all nervous. God forbid they find her out!! I always ask them if they play with Bratz, and they gleefully tell me, "oh yeah" so why she's afraid, I'll never know!! She's so excited about tonight though. Silly little girl. I think we should just paint our nails after cake.
I just talked to my friend Terri, her Aunt Terri, and she is coming, she's going to get her a Raven cd. She is going to be thrilled!! Alllie and the girls will be here. They will be going back to school in a few weeks. I will miss her. She has been so wonderful. She took care of me yesterday while I went for my nerve block. Then took the kids to the mall. What will I do without Allie??? She is a true gem! I wish she didn't have to be so far away! I think she said Quan will be here, Nicholas calls her, Fluffy. He is so weird. Boys!
I nneed to go make cake. I wish you all a pain-free weekend. Hey, I wish myself a pain-free weeknd.

Take care

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