Friday, March 30, 2007

From Bach to Rock Your Socks Off

This is the only picture I was able to take of the performance, due to copyright protection, which I of course understand. But man, I scrapbook. AND Blog. But thanks be to Photobucket. see below. ummm. after this blog.

What an experience, let me tell you! He rocked the house, totally. Along with 170 stringers; violins, violas, cellos, bass, oh and the croud of some 500 maniac parents and teens. We were awed by, not only him, but the kids. This man has a vision. For music, and for bringing the love of music into the heart and soul of these kids. He's going in to the schools, with his son, his wife and his band, one being co-creator of the Tran-siberian Orchestra, to energize and "electrify,'' as he put it, their strings. Check it out:
mark wood

If your district hasn't had this experience yet, I urge you to seriously look into it, and soon. The passion he has redirected for music in these kids was something you must see for yourself. To see 170 kids, wow, one hundred seventy kids, with bows, bopping their heads, and jumping up and down, and quite literally getting into their music was just mind-blowing.

This same district, some 20 something years ago, was voting down the music program. Now, we are inviting legendary music to inspire our kids. When they played Puple Haze, and Eleanor Rigby, whoa. I mean, how often do you attend an orchestra concert for the school and hear those oldies? Like, never! Oh, then there was the light show, which is probably why my head is a little under the weather. It was all worth it. The best part, by far, was when just the kids, all 170 were playing Stairway to Heaven. Incredible. I'm hoping they will have a cd available for the district, because it was just, can you tell I was blown away.

He visits the schools, teaches them to find their passion for music, and to allow it come alive from within. And then they perform. Not only that, he teaches assemblies for the entire school in the district/districts, of all levels. This I believe is the 3rd year he has been back. My first time seeing him, certainly not my last.

We are fortunate enough in our district, to have Kristen LaDue, who teaches the orchestra. She has also played with the Syracuse Symphony and Tran-Siberian Orchestras. As a special guest lastnight, Mark's brother Greg performed, he also play with SSO. What a performance!!

Oh, and the Viper! Too cool. They raffled one off for $5! He hand-makes these incredible 7-tringed electric violins. (Kristen's is hot pink!) The young lady that won , was given a blue Viper, signed, on stage by Mark Wood, in front of us all. What a rockin night. These kids had the opportunity of a lifetime, and I hope they carry it with them through their lives.

Go to the link, get him in your district. Allow him to electrify and energize your music program to a whole new level. You won't regret it.

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