Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Family Keeps Me Blogging

Oh, yes, indeed. My family keeps me with full-bodied information to blog. I am forever finding myself saying, after a round of laughter, I must blog that! Most of the time, if I don't write down at least a morsel of the information, it's lost, forever.

But this morning, as I was getting myself ready for another fun-filled day at the other place I live ; the dentist office, only not for me this time (big smile from me, oh and very clean and shiny I might add!) oh, this time it's for the catmawler.

Back to the story - I was getting ready, Nick was watching Dora, the dog was sleeping; until he heard the sound of the squeekie toy on the tv. Now Rocco has this strange , hmm what is the word i'm looking for here??? not infatuation. maybe lust, no desire, no not taste, passion, i hate when i can't pin point stupid words. So anyway he is crazy for squeeky toys, ok.(think, "cukoo for cocoa puffs," crazy). He hears this toy just a squeeking away, "squeek - squeek - squeek -squeek" and his radar dog ears are zoomed totally in on the show! He's looking, up at the tv, his head nods left, then right. his ears are perked. more "squeek. squeek. squeek."

By this time, i'm in hysterics, trying to get nicholas to watch him, but no, he's too busy with his self-made carwash, which was actually pretty good (made of tinkertoys), he's even got sound effects and bubble-sound effects to go along with it. which are making my ears tweak and jerk, and my face is now getting this strange sort of twitching motion going on when he does it, but that's ok, because at the same time, my foot is sort of oddly feeling this pulling force to kick the daylights out of this stupid carwash that's making him make these hideous noises. what is wrong with this kid?! get my foot washed, yeah get a pedicure, yeah! where was i going with this??

the squeek.

anyway. boots lost the stupid toy. but rocco was tuned in. and it was hillarious. when dogs are tuned in to something they must have, it's pretty funny. so, blah blah blha, map, swiper, gooey bridge, and they finally find the squeeky toy again. and of course, rocco had to be pointed to the tv once again. i had to call frank at work, he was busy, but i made him wait, hey, what could he be busy doing (at an auto parts plant?) while i told him, laughing hysterically about how the dumb dog was watching the tv and tilting his head at the squeek toy. wow, is my life entertaining, or what!

for my next trick, and i'm sorry i didn't get a picture of this. and it's only because he cried. again. fuzzy needed another haircut. ok, just to set the record straight; i DID ask him on several occasions, by the way, if he wanted to go to the salon to finish - he. said. no. poor little guy. so i just kept going.

you know how plaid has that light spot here, dark spot there? yeah, that's nick. then there was the crying and, "i don't want to go to school!"

so i tried the old, shift the blame trick that the kids always use on me. tit-for-tat, you know.

"well, you know, nick, i asked you if you wanted to go, and you kept saying no, you wanted me to do it! arent' you happy with your decision?"

he should be coming off the bus any minute now. he'll either run in crying, with a hateful look towards me. or he'll come running as if nothing happened. either way, the child has only one speed - run.

bus! he's smiling!!!!!!! he said they all smiled at him. i so happy. i need to hug on him now



Harmonica Man said...

Nice to hear you smiling again! :-)

Anonymous said...

You my friend, are a nut!!!!!! Guess who......