Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I know, I know, you just couldn't wait! Hold your pants. Wait til you see these pics; I finally figured out, not only how to get them off Christina's camera, but where in my computer they went. WHY they can't just go to some local picture folder? I dunno! Stupid, I know. I'm just feelin freakin STUPID today! Not to mention, the floors in my house are not leaning the same way. Don't ask. If I turn left, they lean right. Hard right. Fast. No, wait, that would be migraine catching up with me again. No problem. I'm going to see my neuro on Friday. Yippee. Time for a little med change to make things all nicey nice. mmmmm rrrrrright. And for my next trick. Driving this afternoon. To the dentist. Looking forward to that treat. Actually, just a cleaning.
Right, the pics: Ok, this is my Dad. Goofy I know. The Catmawler took this.He's got a great big goofy grin on doesn't he! Hey, he's smiling because, not only is it his birthday, but his granddaughter is taking his picture. Yeah, notice the snow in the background? We still have lots of it. Yesterday it was so cold, (how cold was it?) the kids had no school! -20 wind chill factor, and the temp hit 2! The 2nd coldest day in March in recorded history. Like I wanted that info. Today, it's hit 15. It's almost spring already. Joy.Lil Miss Kayla. Oh and my Mom in the background. Poor Kayla wasn't feeling so hot either.
These are self-portraits of the Catmawler. Must be she had a hairball!! This weekend is Bosco's birthday. Catnip cupcakes for the kitty. Meowwwwwww man.

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terri said...

great photos deb - thanks for sharing!!