Sunday, March 25, 2007

what i meant was.....blogoPOTEphant

yes, i'm still here. and, actually feeling much better, thank you. thank you. now, it's a stomach thing. whatever.

here's my weird for the day: have you ever placed the toe part of a stocking over your cats head? it's amazing how incredibly small a cat's head is, seriously. not like i've realy ever done that kind of thing, but i'm just really imagining it and all. but they do this kind of backwards sway, to the left and right kind of dance; and you have to play the garbage truck "ding ding" to it, cuzz if you don't, it's just not as good, you know in your imagination, ahem.

right, then we have miss priss-in-boots, Nala. she is our litle 6 pound wondercat; the terror of the underworld. she dices and slices, shreds, cuts, de-guts, dismantles any and all the little and not so little rodents in the hood. and one day, bosco will be a victim, too. i'm not kidding. she's nasty. she doesn't just bring the rodent to my doorstep, she dis-members it. violently. skins the thing, probably alive. she is the tony soprano of her kind. nobody messes with nala. not the 17 pound, mr frightened bosco. certainly not the 100 pound idiot rocco. the scars on his nose show that he has tried and been defeated, time and time again. oh, and she has thumbs. i guess her being small has made her feel a need to defend herself. but the bloody masacre is just gruesome.

now bosco's hunting technique's are much more comical. since the snow has finally decided, like it has a mind of it's own and all, to recede, the cat's have been on the prowl. bosco will find himself a mole and playfully toss it in the air a few times and expect it to play back. meanwhile, the mole, thinking he's (bosco) as vicious as his counterpart tony, is probably watching his life pass in front of his eyes a few too many. suffice it to say, not so eager to play, and stands up and screams obscenities at him. bosco it too cute, and just looks at him with his very quizzical look, and just rolls over and over in the grass. meanwhile, miss nasty is watching all of this, and devising an evil plan of her own, pounces in on the fun, while we are all smiling at bosco, cuzz he's stupidly cute; she cunningly chomps down on the mole rips it's head off, as we AND bosco are just stunned. then, the guts, like a grape, yes, they look like a grape, that is what is on your doorstep, it's not a grape, but a gutt!! she removes that, leaves the gutt and head and takes the rest with a growl. a growl. what. was. that. all. about?

yes, we keep her. because she is sweet to me. i am currently teasing her with treats. i'm giving them to bosco, and not her. she is winking at me. hmmm, where did i leave that hose??? she is particular about who she will go to around here. she waits until everyone is in bed, and then she'll jump up on me and do her little paw prance and purr and then she'll cuddle. she's a little sweetie. frank is always hissing at her, so she steers clear away from him. and of course there's the cat mawler, need i say anymore. she hides from her. she does trust marisa, and she'll sleep in her room on the big pillow. she does hide under christina's bed on the heat pipe.

cat's are a lot of fun. i've been giving them a lot of catnip today. just for the fun of it. she will not not not NOT play with bosco. she is so mean to him. and he is such a big sweetheart. maybe i should give her a bath. naw, i'll let chrissy do it. time for more nippy!!

oh, happy birthday, jamie. jimmy. and allie.

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