Monday, March 26, 2007

out of the mouths of babes

some things in life are just too cute to not post about. case in point, my son, nicholas. this child, like most 6-year olds, has nothing in life to worry about. other than what color bowl to use at breakfast. he demands his spiderman spoon and fork for each and every meal. don't forget the ritual at bedtime! spray the pillow with lavendar(i started this), then prayers, hugs, kisses, he must pray first, then me. i must make mine a long prayer. if i'm feeling too sick or tired and have frank tuck him in, he flips out, because the routine isn't up to spec.

oh, and need i forget, the little ladies man has yet to leave the house without applying gel and water, and more gel, to his slick locks. he is in kindergarten. kindergarten. the names trinity, and annabelle, brooke, iris, pheobe, and kemryn send him running with the biggest smile on his face. he is the only boy at his table, with 4 little girls. we make fun at home, and he loves it! such a little ladies man. when he was 2, i told him to say, "hubba-hubba" to the pretty girls at the beach and the pool when we took our first trip to Virginia Beach. they loved it. he was adorable.

what i was really getting to was this: the first little adoption that took place from my sister Jamie, was bosco. then came ozzy and harriet, or i think their names are roxy and harry; but i call then ozzy and harriet, anyway, they are 2 goldfish that belonged to alyssa and aiden. and since we took such great care of bosco, alyssa decided we would make wonderful parents to the fish. they now live in nicholas' room. so does hyrup, the snake. who has been adopted by his brother, who is in iraq. yeah, i know, we are something arent' we. something.

so, the flipside of ownership is this; they need to be cleaned up after. who does this? well, not me, that's for sure. that actually gets handed down to cinderisa and the catmawler. it's in the contract, it's part of the "earn your keep" and "if you want it to stay" deals. hey, works for us.

last week, after the first cleaning-of-the-fishbowl, it was found that the fish needed a net to be caught in, since the catmawler was using one of my drinking glasses. my. drinking. glasses. to catch and allow the fish to swim in while she was cleaning the bowl. altogether now - eeeewwwwwwwww grooooossssssss. i know. so, frank and nick went to the pet store, got a (rather large, duh) net and also got hyrup a meal while they were out. hey, why not. so they get home, nick checks out the net, and it doesn't fit. bummer.

yesterday, while we were shopping, we grab a small net. when the kids get home from their dad's, nick is of course totally jazzed, and cannot wait to check out the new net. catmawler is all, "you want me to clean the bowl?" these kids are really strange, honest. so frank and i are just sitting on the couch doing like nothing, and the next thing you know, nicholas comes running down the stairs, all excited and yelling, with net in hand, "look mom, i caught one! i caught one!" there was a little gold fish IN the net. poor little dying gold fish. so through our laughs, we were trying desperately, i might add, to explain to him that the net wasn't meant for fishing. it was very cute.

kids do say the funniest things. and blondes, let me tell ya, my blonde has got some of the most strangest remarks we've heard yet.

here's just one example:

on the thruway, and i wasn't in the car to hear this one, but i can imagine her saying it, the van passes a tow-truck, towing another truck from the rear, which she missed. so she says to frank, "frank, why is that truck driving backwards down the highway?" because all she saw, was the front of the truck. and she was serious.

on a daily basis, we get remarks from her like this one. to which we just shake our heads. in amazement mostly. she'll be starting softball in a few weeks. oh, this was funny! last year she played, her first year. she'll kill me for this, she played 2nd base or maybe short stop, i don't know, all of the girls were pretty much crowded around 2nd base at the time, but chris got the ball, and the girl ran to 2nd base, and she didn't know what to do, and everyone was telling her to throw the ball, so what does she do? she threw the ball AT the girl. yep, at her. well, frank and i bust out laughing at her. because we firmly believe you should be able to laugh at yourself. they were the last place team, and received a bobble-head trophy, which they were very proud of. we still laugh at that, and so does she.

this year she will be playing with bigger girls, so i told her to be careful when she throws the ball AT girls bigger than her. of course, she's pretty big for an 11-year old. not fat-big, just big-big. i was always the shortest with the smallest feet. my nick-name was tiny toes. my kids feet are bigger than mine. well, anyway. kids are funny. i love my funny kids.

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