Tuesday, March 06, 2007

March Madness

And so begins the crazy month of March. Why crazy? Well, this handsome guy, glass of wine in hand, kicked the month off yesterday with the first birthday of what is known now in our family as "March Madness." Happy Birthday, Frankie!!! That man is almost 50! Salute. (I know, he IS old!)

That man back there, is my Dad! I know, but he didn't feel well, and that was the best pic I could get of him. He really didn't feel well. Today is his birthday. Greeen for Irish. Which he is, by the way. That's my Mom, her birthday is in October; so is Lexi's. The next birthday, tomorrow, is my neice Nicole, but she didn't make it. And I don't have a pic of her on my computer.

What kind of Mother would I be if I didn't include Bosco? He will be 2 on the 10th. I think there is much needed nip for the Bosco man in store for that day. Do you know he weighs 17 pounds already! He is a big boy. Big, but very scared of Ms. Nala, at a mere 5 pounds of evilness. I wonder if it's ok to put nip in cupcakes? Hmmmm. Anyone ever done that?

My birthday is next, on the 17th. Yep, St. Patty's day. I will receive too many shamrocks, but much to many that send them, I actually despise the sentiment. I think it's a tradition based more on drinking than anything else. I don't celebrate it. I prefer regular birthday cards. I'm kind of a less-is-more type of girl, I guess. Simple. This little cutie-patootie is Alyssa, my neice who is moving out of state next week.

Ok, next birthday is Jimmy and Jamie - the twins. Jamie is girl in first pic and her twin, guy in 2nd and 3rd pic. Their birthday is the 25th. They will be 29, same as me. Bill, Jamie's husband, also in the pic with her, will be celebratin his birthday on the 30th! The very beautiful girl in the pic with Jimmy is his girlfriend, Laura. And , no, thankfully, her birthday, is NOT in March.

This little munchkin is Jimmy's little girl, Kayla. Her birthday is in November, with Nicholas'. Oh, I almost forgot. If you watch Ultimate Fighting, look for Jim, he will be stupid crazy enough to enter the cage. God help him! Seriously.

Not only will we be celebrating this foolish things birthday on the 22nd, but Philip's is the 3rd. Of April. Unfortunately, he will still be in Iraq. Yeah, that is how Rocco sleeps.
Ok, wanna see something funny I did to my son? First, let me explain a few things. I hadn't been able to get him to Chris, the guy that typically buzzes him; as well, it's freaking cold out, blizzard, ice storms, you know the story, oh and I've been sick. Frank's been working a lot, too. So I took one look at Fuzzy one day and thought, "I can do this." Insert picture number one

yes, it appears as though he's all crying and protesting and all, but hey, he's six! He's just didn't like the SOUND of the clippers. So I said to him, kinda loudly, because the kid is screaming too loud you know, the clippers! "So do you still want that mohawk you've been asking about?"

Which is where he informed me he wanted to go see Chris. I didn't think I did all that bad, if he wanted to look like a redneck. By the end of the cut, he was neither angry, nor did he look all that bad:

And like Chris, he even got a lollipop. I think I'll even try it again today. Since they closed school AGAIN for frigid temps, and I have to wait for the heat man to come tell me why why WHY is there no heat in the upper level!!!!
Oh, I made a totally wonderful cake, sorry Mom. My Mom made cake for the party too. But nobody ate that one. My cake totally rocked. It is called, Better than Sex Cake. It is just too good for words. Here is the recipe;
One box German Choc Cake mix - prepare as directed
let cool for half hour, poke holes with wooden spoon while slightly warm.
l can sweetened condensed milk
l jar caramel topping
l container french vanilla coolwhip
crushed french toffee
dark chocolate
In sm bowl, mix together can of milk and only half of caramel
Pour over warm cake with holes
Sprinkle with some crushed toffee
Cover with coolwhip
Drizzle some caramel over coolwhip (mostly for prettiness)
Now shave dark chocolate over rest.
cover and chill til ready to serve.
OOH and AAH when you eat

OOOH I almost forgot!!! Guess who's on House tonight???? As a neuro patient? YEAHHHHHHHHH Dave Mattheew!! 9pm on Fox. I can't wait


Gayla said...

My boys grandma's birthday is St. Patty's day too :) AND my twin boys will be celebrating their birthday on March 25th. They'll be 14 this year. God help me.

My nephew is March 24.

We have a TON of birthdays in March too. Guess that means we know what everyone was doing around the 4th of July huh? ;)


deborah said...

so do you host March Madness, too? Or do you just go mad like me?