Friday, March 23, 2007


just a few updates from my last post; first of all, i checked my email this morning and the first crazy mixed up piece of stupidity that jumped out at me was from none other than medco. a confirmation. they received my prescriptions. i mailed them. to their designated destination, lexington, ky; which by they way, is the same place my sister moved to. i mailed them on the same day she moved. this is the interesting part. i should have had her take them with her, now that i think of it. they left the same day - my family AND the prescriptions. one by car and truck, the other via the us postal slovice. she arrived the following day. looking back at the calendar, that was march 13. my scripts arrived, via usp, sometime yesterday. idiots.

more good news/bad news:

bad news: daimlerchrysler's suburban st. louis op will eliminate, wipe out, erase, delete, eradicate, unemploy, otherwise render without; right, i'm getting there- get rid of more than 1900 jobs at it's two plants in fenton, mo., which is actually and by the way 600 more jobs lost than previously announced. woops.

good news: (riiiight- this is why i want to be ceo if i grow up) 1300 top execs at the chrysler group received bonuses last week AND (there's more) the management board approved pay-for-perfomance increases late last month for all(more than 21,000) chrysler salaried workers to go in effect in july o7. the increase will be the first pay increase for the co's salaried workers since 05. (aww boo freaking hoo)

so let me get this straight. 1900 lose their jobs, just in those 2 plants. wait, how many are losing their jobs in our plant?? umm, i think roughly through replacement and buy-out 525. then come sept another 3-500. company-wide, says the hubster, the total is supposed to reach another 11,000. interesting. all these people losing their jobs, building cars, that you and i drive, mind you; while these execs are selfishly lining their pockets. and for what?

fine! i'm off that wagon

so what is a blogoplotephant you ask? me. other than a weird word i made up when i couldn't sleep lastnight, it's this: it is a blog, that starts out as one specific type, and just goes onto something different. i started my blog about migraines. i came across terri roberts, as many have, and she just invited me to start a blog. so i just went with it on typepad. then somehow, one day, i couldn't get on my blog. that's just me. i still can't find it.

first i went with blogoplotopus, but, no that was too easy. you know , right, you're thinking too easy. you should really try camping out inside my head sometime. the incredibly weird words and prases and visions that come - unless you have migraine and aura - seriously you have NO freaking idea what it's like. it's amazingly. weird.

so ian and i were conversing on the idea of us doing stand-up - (i know, i know ian) last migraneur standing. you should have heard us. we were pretty funny

anyway blogoplotephant, i had to look at the title, because my head hurts so bad right now, i forgot wah it's called. oops, here we go. if you are familiar with my reading, you'll understad. i have a habit of going from one subject to something entirely different. NOOO, really? i do. like my blog, from migraines to kids to whatever. different. i'm different. entirely different than anyone you would ever meet. if you are the type that doesn't want to be embarraseed in public, don't be seen with me. trust me there. htat will be your only warnign.

oh the stories robin could tell on that, right robin. like the night at, what was the name fo that club?? we were dancing and that freaky guy kept creaping me out, and i whispered something to him, and smiled at you an he left me alone finally, and you were all moving and grooving, like you did, you hot mama, and you asked me what i said to him, and when i told you, you grabbed me like i was going to be road kill, under YOUR tires. sweet memories. yeah, tell joe that one!! why don't you ever comment???? you need to get your own blog by the way. what was the name of that place i was never allowed to go back into with you?

so anyway; this is what i'm talking about. i cannot keep one conversation going. my brain doesn't work that way. it drives frank out of his ever-loving mind. i think he's getting used to it. unfortunately, cinderisa, is just. like. me. so, i'm thinking, which scares me when i think, because i pause and there's all actual sentence/thoughts that are in there, and then they go, i'm thinking of making a new blahg. (yeah insert the long cigarette, though i don't smoke, and gawdy accent and all) with some color and fun. but i need someone to help me, because let's face it, i'm an idiot. seriously. i don't know the lingo, like widget, i don't know what that is, i see the flying nun for crying out loud. see and that's not even right. someone please help me. this blinding white, i can't handle it an;ymore. i mean i'll still post the headachy whiney stuff.

oh, hey guess what. i think i'm going away for the weekend (ha ha hee hee ho ho, where life is sweeter all the time, OH NO!) oh, stink!

wait, ever feel like your life is a constant deer-in-teh-headlights deal? that's me. have you seen Open Season? that is my new favorite movie. yes, my favorite movies are mostly disney animated, and pretty much pixar, but it's pretty funny. anyhoo.

i'm going away for a weekend of wine and dine (think picc line, and hosp food)
four star hotel (university hospital)
600 count linens in king-size comfort, egyption cotton and luxury spa treatment(hospital bed, towel and washcloth)
room service at it's very best(nurses call button)
caviar, lobster, champagne, etc. etc. (toradol, magnesium, fluids, solumedrol, depakon, etc.)
hey, a girl can dream, right! my blahg, my dream

don't you want to be me today? no really, please! i would like to be somebody else today. i would like to know what it's like to be able to complet e a thouthg, one complet thought. imagine that. i can't imagine that. that is frustreation on my part. just read me, then try to leive it. it's a really good thing i have humor going for me, otherwise, instead of neurology, i'd end up in the psyche ward. (i hope they don't put me there. what if they put me there? i don't really get along well with others. i'm sortof you know sarcastic and cynical and all) whatever.

have a truly wonderful weekend


Emily said...

i was hospitalized summer before last for a DHE infusion and it was the worst! because for the first time in six months i was pain free, but i had to STILL lay in bed and nurses woke me up all the time to take vitals -- i just wanted to get out of there!!

hope your experience is all you dream it to be. :) and that it HELPS!

Anonymous said...

The Poorhouse West.... I remember that night very well........

deborah said...

em, still home waiting for a bed; and not quite wanting to be there anyway..oh, dhe, can't do it

robin - you made a comment! i'm so proud of you. the west, that's right!! that has been driving me crazy!!!thanks for letting dom come and stay, she thinks i'm looney.