Thursday, November 30, 2006

ugly dog, bad day

I feel like my dog looks! Yeah, kinda like that. Shocked, busted, ugly. Icky. So you know - he is NOT allowed on my bed! He was totally busted in a very restful nap as I snuck up on him and yelled at him, thus the stupid look of shock on his pitiful face.

And it's kind of how I'm feeling right. now. I was hit with the tremor again yesterday. Followed by a "sweet" little (right) migraine. I woke (yesterday) not feeling so well - nauseated, unsteady. Didn't I just say I was ready to take back a bit of my freaking LIFE?!!!!! Oh how my head is swimming today in a pile of mush and fuzz. Perhaps, I should just keep those thoughts to myself; because, without fail, this is exactly what happens when I share my intensions. Disaster.

Today, I am scheduled for the MRI. We'll just see how that goes. Hey, at least I slept like a rock lastnight. I can't seem to keep my leg from jerking right now. My body feels like it just wants to start all over again, with the jumping and jerking tremors. Looks like another one of those days. Getting some uncomfortable chest pain with it too. Not sure if it's from being tightly curled up, or what. But MAN am I uncomfortable!!! Journaling in my book again, and here. Can't stop jerking rigt now. My body is just jumpy jumpy jumpy. I wish I knew why. Is it a part of the Migraine Disease aor something New and Improved?? Oh goodie! Thankfullly, my mind is in tact. AND my humor. Ok, too much jerking


Jackie said...

I'm so sorry that you are dealing with all this, I hope that someone will have an answer for you and you will be able to find relief soon!

I'm embarassed to tell you this, but my e-mail screwed up yesterday, and I lost your adress! Could you please e-mail it to me again, and then I will write it down, and not just depend on the technology to save it for me!

Good luck with the MRI!!

ErinM said...

I've heard of a handful of people who get tremors (seizures) with migraines. But not many. I'm glad you're doing something about it.

Good luck with the MRI.