Monday, November 27, 2006

Another Birthday at the ranch

Happy Birthday my big 6 year old!!!! How cute is he? He came down to me this morning; I was on the computer, and he says, "Well, today is my birthday!" And he just hopped up on my lap and curled up. How incredibly delicious is that?! He is my little sweetie pie. Full of hugs and kisses, anytime I want them. Boys are awesome!

Having a little party tonight at home with the family; and then he's having some boys over on Friday afterschool. His cake tonight - a football, well, 2. A big one and then his own special cake, just for him. He says he doesn't feel 6. That's ok, I feel 6 for him. I was asked to add a few pictures to todays blog - by him. I'm sure he'll love it.

This is Hyrup, the snake. He lives in Nicholas' room - IN A TANK. Philip brought him home before he left for bootcamp; and suggested that Nick take care of him. ME??? Well, I was totally freaked out at first, wouldn't go near him, or in the same room when he was out; but as you can see, I've grown quite accustomed to him. He's really very sweet for a snake. I was able to bring him to school last year, in Nick's pre-school class. They loved it! He is getting very big, very fast. I do NOT delight in feeding time; and only once, 2 weeks ago, did I have the unfortunate luck to be walking by his room when Hyrup grabbed his meal. Let me just say, rats are very loud! I ran screaming, holding my ears, yelling something like, "LA LA LA NOT HEARING NA NA NANA!!!!" I was the kid who cried during Wild Kingdom when my father used to watch it. I can't handle the whole "circle of life" thing happening. But hey, Hyrup has to eat, too. Just not in my presence.

Here's the big scary dog looking fierce and alert! Doesn't he just look like he's saying something like, "You talkin to me?" What a dumb dog! Gotta love him.

Me and Cinderisa. She is actually sitting on my lap, and is about 1" taller than me. She is a beauty. So tonight we celebrate my baby's birthday. We've done a lot of that lately. OMG - pay no attention to the tacky laundry basket behink the chair! Or he backwards chair. I'm sick, and I know it. OCD never leaves me alone! awww who cares! If you'd like to leave a Happy B'day to Nick.. just leave it in my comments. I'm sure he'd get a huge kick out of it.

Time to wrap presents. Frost cakes. Celebrate!


Emily said...

deborah - can't believe the snake! yikes. i knew a guy who had a snake and fed it frozen mice; he got these mousesicles and then had to thaw them before he fed them to the snake. but at least that way there wasn't the POSSIBILITY of walking in on a meal in progress.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nick.
Six is awesome. I see you have a snake. is it an indian rock python? kinda hard to see in the pictures. Enjoy your birthday and your wonderful world. Happy wishes from south carolina

Anonymous said...

Deb just another quickie to your madonna um..misrepresentation.ha. you know the post office now has has stamps that you can make from your own pictures. you could use that one with the the pole and see if the cust. service rep. would exchange books with you????not laughing here, no no not me

Allie said...

Happy Birthday Nick... Gonna have to see about getting you another car or somthing else. Hope you had a great 6th birthday!! I'll see you guys during the Christmas time and tell everybody I said "hi"