Monday, November 20, 2006

And What to My Wandering Eyes Should Appear......

Sunday morning, sitting in my habitual routine; before getting ready FOR CHURCH, I must add. I am reading the paper; I like to read the news first; Frank likes the adds. I get through the typical hum-drum of what is actually given to the world in their view; and I come upon this:NEED I SAY MORE??!!! This is whom I was referring to at the grocery store! NOT the Bella Madonna. But exactly this! I just couldn't believe my eyes when I ran across this magazine in my Sunday paper. Thank you. Thank you. I feel as if I should run to Wegmans, seek out the man behind the counter, who thought I was the pig for calling, as my husband put it, "You called the Virgin Mary a TRAMP?!" For the record, no. I did not call the Virgin Mary any such thing. It was this here, this site, that I was thinking of. A very gifted voice, yes, but c'mon, is the pole really necessary????? I think not.

So this is the point I was trying to make, as I tripped, badly all over myself. I can't wait to tell my Mother-in-law. She is from Naples. I think she will enjoy, immensely the story. Catholocism being a HUGE religion in Italy, where her family still resides, with all the ritual - she will no doubt, enjoy my story.

For me, I had another little(right!) attack of the shakira type yesterday. Complete with hysteria, slammed with icepicks, tremors and my pretty-high stepping horsey walk. (insert the neighing here) Very painful and awkward. Today, I need to take Nicholas to his Ped for his physical. This is the place with the huge black and white floors on the diagonal that set me off. This shuld prove to be a glorious day for me. As I've already started off on the wrong high-step footing. Good thing I'm not driving today. Can you just see it? Hoping all better days. Deborah

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