Sunday, November 05, 2006

Shake, Rattle and Writhe

Shaking uncontrolably and looking more and more like a drunk when I walk. My muscles can't stand the pain from the twitching my body has been put through for the past three days. I try desperately to calm myself, but to no avail; my attempts fall short and I become more and more tense. My movements are large and awkward. They are tight and uncontrolled. I jerk and twist and writhe in pain as my muscles are struggling to find - what exactly?? Rest? I see the lights flashing, brighter and brighter each day, as they come. Friday, just a bit dimmer than Saturday; and Sunday like the sunshine, flashing in my peripheral field - bouncing back and forth. There but not. I could see what wasn't there. Today, the hot, cast iron pan hit me as I was walking in my awkward way. In my giant steps, like the pretty show horses, I couldn't hear the people around me any longer, only the sounds of IT coming, like a freight train, fast and furious. BANG! BANGG!! BANNGG!! IT hit me on the side of my head and face, so hard I sttopped moving and I couldn't see for a brief moment, only darkness and the sound of the freight train.

And then I twitch, and writhe some more. IT doesn't visit me only in my head anymore; IT has branched out further. I am being invaded by this Migraine I thought was to stay "in my head." IT is taking over me now. As I try desperately to write this, I am being tormented by the twitching of my muscles; the jerking movement, the unsteadiness I cannot control. I wonder, what will I lose control of next?

I wonder if there are anymore who have experienced this? I'm noticing it's worse if I hang my head down. Like when I'd look down, bend down, that used to get me dizzy, now I get THIS. I've morphed - wooo. Rather, it's morphing into something new and different, and I hate it. Dizzy wasn't as painful. I need to know if anyone else has had this 'wonderful' experience'. Hey, come along for the ride. Enogh for tonight.


Emily said...

deborah my friend -

i haven't had this muscle twitching accompanying a migraine; it actually worries me a little bit! i hope you will give your neuro a call, it seems like a good idea to let them know when a new symptom presents itself.

my head hurts a great deal more when/if i hang my head down - it feels like the blood rushes there and the pounding is harder and faster.
best wishes, please let me know what your doc says.

Anonymous said...

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Lisa said...

I recently started twitching with my migraines. I have suffered with migraines for about 25 years, so this is new development is stressing me out a bit.