Monday, November 13, 2006

yeah, so I'm twisted, so what

It's a very humbling experience to be in the midst of Veterans of wars past. I never really understood the meaning; not when my Grandfather showed me the pictures he had from his days at war. Not from the movies I'd watched on the big screen or TV. It wasn't until my step-son left American soil, the safety of home, the closeness of a phonecall away; only then did I fully understand the meaning of what Veteran's Day truly means. The dignity and bravery of what these men and women have suffered. Suffered.

On Saturday, we took the kids to the War Memorial for the ceremony before the parade. There, they proudly marched each troop in uniform. We sat behind the Marines in their dress blues, of course. Oorah. Philip is of course, a Marine! And he is now a Lance Corporal. I proudly announce. Nicholas did wear his Marine cammies and his cover, along with his USMC t-shirt over a green long sleeved shirt. Marisa wore her green USMC sweatshirt, and Philip's boot camp cover. (that is what Marine's call their caps) Christina wore her pink Marine hoodie. I wore Philip's USMC sweatshirt from bootcamp - no doubt, he sweat many hours in that shirt. I feel very proud to wear that. There was no mistaking what we were there for. Marisa wears his graduation ring on a chain; boot camp graduation.

We saw Veterans from many wars; Korean, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, and even the current war. We saw injured Vets, young men, no older than our own Philip. My heart cried for these men. But they had smiles on their faces - for they were proud. Proud to be recognized, among so many other before them. Yes, they too are Veteran's of war. It was so very humbling to be in their presence. What an honor to be among them. They went to forsaken, forgotten, and forlorn countries, to keep us free. To free others. Maybe we don't agree with each and every war that has been fought, but thank God we have people who are willing to go.

It was sad to see how few were there inside the War Memorial to honor them. Even sadder, how few of our newly elected officials were there. Or NOT there. I couldn't believe the amount of empty seats as I looked around. But what I did notice, were the different reactions; some stood with right hand over their hearts. Some stood, at attention, right hand at brow. Some sat, because they had missing legs, but waved flags. So, rather than notice the missing, I decided to take note of those who were there and why. We were there to honor our Veteran's.

As we headed outside for the parade, Marisa noticed someone handing out flags, so, naturally, she asked for several. They are now decorating our front lawn. It was a small parade, but the first in 10 years here. And when I asked the kids later if they had a better understanding of it, they each gave me their understanding. And then. we. watched. Saving Private Ryan. At first, when Frank mentioned how great it would be for Nicholas to see; "because he'll really understand what Philip's doing!" Me, being the Mommy, let's-wrap-the-kid-in-bubble-wrap-til-he's-21, is thinking, "Not a great idea, dear "(FREAK!) but, he insisted, AND all of the kids ended up watching(me, still feeling the need to over-protect the innocent). But in reality, it gave them an even better understanding than afore-mentioned parade. (whatever) and they really liked the movie. So they both understand, wholly, what Philip is doing, and what Veteran's Day is. Mission accomplished.

And to sweeten the deal, Philip called lastnight! Music to our ears when we can hear his voice now. I let him know we celebrated Veteran's Day, I told him what we all wore, which he thought was just great. He just says how much he wants to come home. We equally want him back. Nicholas tells his class about him, that he is in Iraq, he's a Marine. He is so sweet and so proud of his big brother. I think I will ask his teacher if the class can make him a Christmas card to send; hoping that may cheer him up. I know Nick will get a charge of that. Marisa is planning on asking her youth group leader the same thing. These kids have such a heart for their step-brother. And it's funny - when he was home, he would pester the girls terrible. Just terrible; but mostly in a loving way, you could tell he loved them. He would 'beat' the daylights out of Nicholas, and he'd come back for more. Their pet name for each other is 'magot' - the Marine way. So when Nick got his turn to talk, he called him, "Magot head" the whole time. It was so cute.

And that was how we spent Veteran's Day! NOW, for reasons unknown to myself - I fell asleep lastnight during my show - Desperate Housewives! I MUST FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED! What is wrong with me?????? Please, someone let me know what happened. At least when I fell aslep Thursday during Grey's Anatomy, I was able to watch it on Friday. (ok, I was at a party, and I kept sneaking in the bedroom to watch. Yeah, the kid's room, I actually kicked them out! I know, I'm twisted) So - how was your weekend?


Emily said...

sounds like a fabulous veteran's day celebration.

i didn't see desperate houswives, sorry!! hopefully someone else will give you all the details!

terri said...

hi deborah, sounds like a great celebration of your country's noble soldiers. although canada is not involved as a military force in iraq (only afghanistan), i pay close attention to the news and to the stories of all the american soldiers. they are the brothers and sisters to all of us.

sorry i have not posted on your blog in a while. i have been reading and sorry to hear you feel so bloody awful so much. it isn't fair and you don't deserve it. i have had troubles posting comments from my home computer to your blog for who knows what reason. and i have not been readign the blogs at work since i'm too busy but decided to check you out today to see if i could post a comment from my work computer. it seems to be working.

thanks for all your comments on my blog. they are appreciated and i think of you and wish you felt better.

Anonymous said...

WOW, how wonderful it is to know there is someone as sick (no no not migraineurs, there are plenty of us)as my family. In the midst of a 4 i came online again to see what advice i had failed to observe and stumbled across your blog. i laughed i cried i peed my pants. not really tis the thought that counts.Thank you.
sorry i missed dh. well tv was on mind was wrapped around a jackhammer