Saturday, December 02, 2006

El Yucko

Despite feeling like crap, yet again, I am going out and doing something I haven't done in a long time. There just happens to be a, and not your typical, Artisan show in town today at our local fairgrounds. So, that is where I am headed this afternoon. Tremors, jerking, high-horse stepping and all. I thoroughly enjoy local artist displaying their crafts, and now, I will be able to embark on their beautiful marksmanship. I cannot wait. Hopefully, I will not be like a bull in a china shop, like I have in the past. One can only hope for such a miracle. I have been popping Zofran like candy the last few days, to keep my tummy under control. Can't eat, however, I have been able to sleep quite well. Something about the tremors making me dreadfully tired. Not such a bad thing, since I was unable to sleep for about 2 weeks. Still banking on the MRI showing Nothing!!!! Wouldn't surprise me in the least. The tremors seem to be coming from my lower back, then going into my left leg, and creeping up into my sping. Somehow, they are triggering a migraine. At least, I think it's a trigger. Needless to say, I have been extremely nauseaus for the past week, and can't eat. Ginger ale, and I have become best friends again. Oh, and Won ton soup - I'm going for the active ginger ingredient in that today for a cure! right now, the fuzzy, metal feeling on my tongue has started, and I'm going to lay down. But I WILL be going to the Art show. I can't wait! As it stands, I have a friend, who teaches at SU, and will be showing some work. Can't wait to see her stuff. Take care. Me

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