Monday, December 11, 2006

My Tree

Feeling like this color, basically. Needing to jump to say this color soon.

On the plus side, we picked out our Christmas tree. On Friday. Although it's large, fragrant and green; that is all it is. Green. No lights, yet. I was too comfy, either in bed or on the couch, all weekend to get the lights on it. The poor kids keep asking me when we're going to decorate, rather I'm going to. As a rather compulsive person, in my nature, it is I who must assemble the lights. "They need to be properly aligned," as Frank reminded himself lastnight when he suggested , to ME, that Cinderisa put the lights up. I think he probably just saw my eyes bulge or something, as he quickly corrected himself. It's not that she can't do a good job or anything; she could probably do a half-way decent job. It's just something I prefer to do myself.

That was Monday. Nicholas and I, successfully, decorated the tree. And then, I collapsed, literally. The girls were thrilled when they came in from school to see it all alit. I'm not totally thrilled with it, but it's going to do. for now. I don't feel so good these days; so it's just going to do. They love it, and really, that is all that matters.

I overslept this morning. Did not hear the phone ringing to wake me. So I had to take Marisa to school. What a nightmare! I, first of all, was in NO shape to be on the road. But I was. Unfortunately. AND, my tank was empty. Well, I had 11 gallons to empty. So I had to first, get gas, THEN, drive; which in itself, today was a feat I was not willing to take. Nor should I be. The nightmare really was when I got to the parking, rather, the drop-off spot. The many MANY busses and minivans and cars. It seemed unending. I just wanted to get home. I really thought I'd never get here.

I just want to feel good. Perhaps right now, I'm trying too hard. Yeah, that's what it is. I'm chalking it up to that. As the right side of my head is yet again, being invaded by the monster; I will still try again, and again and again..... Until then, I suppose I will just wait. Hopefully with some patience. At least my tree is decorated.

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Emily said...

sounds like the holidays are making things w/your migraines worse. :(

sometimes, during the worst of the worst headaches, i have to tell myself, 'you've been through this before. you will come through it ok.'

seems obvious, but doesn't feel that way at the time. i'm hoping you get to feeling better soon!!