Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ho Ho Ho - Give Me Snow!

Yeah, I know, call me crazy. I've seen the reports of the blizzard in Colorado and I'm, well, jealous. The kids and I were watching the news with our jaws to the floor this morning, yelling, YES, yelling things like, "NO FAIR!" "WHY CAN'T WE HAVE THAT?" "WHERE IS OUR STUPID SNOW?" "WE NEED A WHITE CHRISTMAS!" And then I heard one of them say this: "I wish the blizzard would come here" - NO, actually, I don't wish the blizzard would really come here. Just some snow to be on the trees and the driveway and the road and falling when we wake up on Christmas morning. Because, that is what we like here; a white Christmas. OK, I really hate the cold, it is truly painful in my bones. But I desperately want a good, old-fashioned white Christmas. But NOT a blizzard. I repeat. NOT. A. BLIZZRD.

I mean, really how ridiculous is Nicholas' sled going to look, under the tree - no snow? Just sayin, something we've grown accustomed to. However, with global warming taking over the planet and all, I guess we'll need to improvise a little. Somehow. Or wait until say Spring, when we are tired of the snow, and it just refuses to go away. In the meantime, at present, it's 50 outside, and my fingers are numb from being too cold still. And yet I'm demanding snow. Go figure! Hey, I've a few screws loose, I admit it.

Tomorrow is the big day - my occipital block!! YES!! I can't wait. I am excited, because I'm hoping it will do something for me. Then, we are taking the kids to see The Nativity and f i n i s h (I hope) Christmas shopping. They need to shop for each other and Frank. I am done for them and Frank. Maybe a few more toys for the little guy. I don't know. I'm really looking forward to the time off with the kids. Unfortunately, Frank will be working, but he'll be home for Christmas.

We haven't heard from Philip in over a week, and would appreciate any prayers for him and the men in his company. It must be very hard for them to be away from their families at this time. I know it's very hard for Frank. He misses him very much, and not hearing from him makes it difficult. Especially at Christmas.

I wish for you all a very Merry Christmas. Jackie, thank you so much for the Christmas card! Awesome. I can't wait to hear Philip's reaction. How very very thoughtful of you. Wishing all painfree holidays. Deborah

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Harmonica Man said...

We officially had a brown Christmast here in MN - the first one I can ever remember. It's so sad. It's really hard not to believe that global warming really is changing things!

Sure hope you were able to have a nice Christmas. How did your block go?