Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Monster

Oh yes, the Monster has, without doubt, struck again. I am moving in slow-motion, daily; just dragging along. Waiting for It to leave. But, no It won't. It is stuck in my head; swelling and pounding, and invading the rest of my body, bit by bit. The right of my face, today - is feeling numb, yet, not so much. You know, fuzzy and tingly and warm, but not in a nice way. There is way too much pain coming with it for that. Then there's the ever-approaching nausea. It just comes in a pool of waves today. It just started a few minutes ago. I was fine all moring, not totally fine, just free of the tossing and turning in my stomach. My jaw feels as though there is a clamp hinging it; not quite from the back, and not so much form the front. But it is so definitely feeling like it's being forced.

Oh, yes, I know who You are - the Monster, the Uninvited Guest. You show up wehn least expected or basically whenever you want. You're quick to come, and slow to leave. Although, this time, you have been coming on much too slowly. Please just pack your things and show your way out. Quickly this time. You are suredly never welcome here. For Iv'e had enough of YOU.

The clamping has started around the top of my skull. My right eye isis feeling the hammering; it is coming from the back of my head - and straight thru - out of my eye. I can almost see it coming and going. No, that is the tunnel visssion, my bad. Just leave me alone. Please.

T oday is beautiful. Sunny and warm. Unusual for this tme of year. And I feel lousy. I'm going back to bed, yet agian. Trying to gt rid of another migraine. I called my pain doc for an occipital block, and the soonest - Dec 26. Hopefully, he will get a cancellation before then. I can only pray. And I will.

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