Thursday, October 25, 2007

These are the faces I see on a mostly constant basis. I say, mostly, because, Nonna I do not see everyday. And well, Zio Corrado is in Italy and we don't know when we will see him again. They are pictured above with Frank with the very large cordless phone and cigar. This was at his Mom's (Nonna's) on Mother's Day. Note the very intent Italian expression on everyones faces. You see that a lot in Italian photo's - the old ones mostly.

Same day. Sweet Bri and Sweet Lexi. Never, NEVER look in Lexi's cup! I said that once at the table and Uncle Vince.....oops, I almost forgot his picture...silly me; here he anyway, I must have mentioned it at the table, and he happened to catch it and asked "Why not," and went for her cup. EEwww, oh no. ick ick ick.
I'm trying not to let him, but Frank, who grew up with him, says, "let him figure it out."
He takes the cup, looks inside; pretty much, whatever she's eating, and drinking, end up IN the cup - you have NO idea what backwash truly is. Trust me! So don't EVER look in Lexi's cup. Or sit next to her, if you can avoid it. I usually sit next to her, because I like to; but she will demand to sit next whom she wants to sit next to her. boy I hope that makes sense.
I just happened to notice, that the picture of Uncle Vince is NOT at Nonna's house. Didn't want to confuse anyone. But if I did, welcome to my world. That was actually taken at our house the night before Zio left to go back home. Notice, I got a picture of them SMILING! I almost uploaded the one of them NOT smiling. almost. I have a bad habit of talking in circles about absolutely nothing at all, explaining things that really don't need to be explained, like the picture, where it was taken and when it was taken. Didn't really matter. AAhh, maybe not, but to someone in my weird little migrainey strange and confused misfiring neuronally screwed up mind of a world - it really does matter. You should live inside of it. moving right along now
Here is another face I can't get enough of. And we can't wait to see this pretty boy's face when he gets home . Because it's been just too stinking long since the government has allowed him to come home.

Little Miss Muffet. Frank's Grandbaby Vanessa. Gotta love that face! She is too much fun! The kids all have a ball together. OOH. The Apple Farm pics! This child is precious. Any way, I really just wanted to write about the faces I love. The people I love.
Who couldn't love this face!

Or this one?

and just take a look
if you


at this bizzare child of mine

I am surrounded by oddities just like me. The sign behind her, if you haven't read it before, says, "Be Nice or Go Away."
OOOOOO Oh OH OH OH OH OH OH The green door behind her stocking head, that she isn't using to rob any corner store or bank or anything like that. YET. duh. Anyway, it's being ripped from it's hinges (v e r y s l o w l y) I might add, and being installed with the pretty new one I purchased. (Cause you know Frank's company may be going belly-up soon) It's all over the news.
Get this! Get a phone call from the pre-auth-operator yesterday. Yes - OPERATOR. The operator called ME, asked me to PUSH 1 for freaking English, which pisses me off. Where do I live again, excuse me? Wait, when did I have my last period??
Right, 1 for English, then a bunch of other stupid numeros.......... I get Ms. I-really-don't-like-my-job-so-much-today asking the same mundane Q?; dob, address, blah blah blay, I answer yes to everything. And I'm thinking to her tone, "Hmmm, she obviously doesn't have a lot of interest in her good benefits to her state job"her monotone lousy attitude is sounding, so I begin to answer her with a smile, thinking, maybe it'll change her tone a little. It didn't. She was still, snotty.
She starts asking questions about the insurance and Frank's employment; I tell her where he works, which of course is at the local branch of one of the Big Three that have been in the news. Hmm, now this seems to have sparked a note of sudden curiosity and happiness to her personality. So glad to have helped Ms. Glum.
And then she asks me this: "So, is he going to take the buyout!?" With all the happiness and excitement I'd heard out of her yet. I couldn't believe it. First, I couldn't believe she would ask a complete stranger something she obviously knows nothing about, other than her own personal greed and ignorance. And second, that it would make her so completely giddy.
Interuption - the sound of my dog being impaled by a large piece of styrofoam as it falls down the stairs, has rendered me completely useless to do anything but laugh my fool head off at him. This is exactly how it happened and I am NOT lying!! I swear to you on my MIGRAINE head it happened just like this:
As I was typing away, I suddenly hear the sound of both (cringing now, go ahead because you will too) two big pieces of styrofoam, like 3ft in length, rubbing together, and coming down the upper set of stairs. AND Rocco, now running about 58mph, down same set of stairs, and whining, loud. AND THEN......... of course by now, I stop typing
C R A S H ! ! ! !
goes the dog on tile, WITH screaching styrofoam. OK, now I'm hearing claws on tile and howling. And laughter. Wait, that's me. Because, I can't stop laughing. This dog is truly, dumber than a bag of rocks. He is supposed to appear to be my staunch protector, you know, while all these guys are here working on the house. Not getting chased down the stairs by foam.
Where is he right now? Well, immediately after this near-death experience, he begged to be let outside. He is refusing to come in. He's.
This dog needs serious help. I know how he's getting dressed for Halloween. He is going to be a FAIRY! I don't care what any of those smiling, goofy faces say. I make the costume. I am here all day with that beast. I woke up next to that snoring, smelly thing at 3:30 this morning IN MY BED! He who deserves the costume, wears it! He's getting the Fairy wings and that's all there is to it!!
Now, I need to go paint a Hummer


Jeff said...

I would sit next to Lexi in a heartbeat. If fact I would insist on it.

Ok, I might not drink from her cup but I would definitely sit with her.

deborah said...

Thanks Jeff! She would probably insist on it as well. However; I didn't say DRINK from her cup (now, I'm so grossed out, thanks so much!) I said LOOK IN THE CUP.

Curious, who wouldn't you sit next to??