Monday, October 08, 2007

Some Home Improvements

This is the rather large and garish chandelliere that used to hang in my dining room. Though it did dispense the light quite nicely, I hated it. HATED. IT. With a passion. Detested this light; and would pretty much let everyone know each time I'd turn it on.

Now, this is the one we had put in! It matches my furniture, which is more Mission style, than the oh, what would you call that?? Anyway, light off.

Light on. Those doors in the background, they are being replaced with sliders. Right now they open up to the deck outside; which is nice, BUT, it doesn't work so well for insulation purposes. Another story.

The shy guy that installed the light for us, is this guy. Thanks Philipe! He also installed the kitchen light and fan duo, which we desperately needed. (By the way, he is single) And I've been trying for a long time to pawn him off to unsuspecting female friends. Very nice guy.

On another interesting note; Marisa made a new little friend.

This adorable dragonfly danced and fluttered on her leg for a good 10 minutes. He looked up at her, tilted his head in amazement at her beauty; because, well, she does resemble her Mom's good looks (flashing my eyelashes). No? Si. Si. Sorry, I just took a call from Zio Corrado from Italy! UGH, I miss him!
Back to the dragonfly - he adored Cinderisa, she adored him; I adored all of it, and then! Drum roll please!!!!!
SPOTTED! BY THE HUNTER KITTY. In reality, he should be wearing a helmet. {note to self - get this cat on video} Cinderisa was afraid she was going to be scratched by Bosco, not really going to happen, and he thought he had something interesting to catch.
This kitty has "stupid is as stupid does" issues. And that is why we love him so much. He's big, he's loud, in Meow only, though. For a big cat, and I do mean, big! At a whopping 20 pounds of fur ball, he talks and talks until you either feed him or let him in or out or in or out, he can never really decide which it is he wants. For real. But to hear this big boy purr, you need to get in really, really, really close because it is so small you almost can't hear the purring at all.
That goes for the hissing sound he makes, which I've only heard him make once. And that was when I had to put the toilet seat down - CAN YOU STAND IT?! YES, ME, AS IN A GIRL, HAVING TO PUT THE SEAT DOWN!!! Yeah, I know!! Maybe that's why he made that little psss sound. It was very cute. It scared him, and I didn't slam it or anything, which, you know, I should have, cause, I had to, you know, touch the seat and all. I just gently put. it. down. IS IT THAT HARD!!! BOYS???
Back to the cute friggin dragonfly that got away, the toilet seat, no, the cat stared it down and scared the living daylights out of it. Yep, that's what happened. NOW. all of a sudden, it's breakfast time. RIGHT NOW, not in a few minutes when I'm good and ready. NOW. nownowNOW. bicker bicker bicker.
Is it just my little part of the world, really, or is every living room in America crawling with children - siblings - that want to just rip each others throats out, with forks and knives? AND. AND!! Feed their guts to starving countries because they are feeling the need to be um GIVING!!?? Seriously, I am sooooo frigging tired of hearing these lines: and tell me if it's just me, cause I'm really going out on a crazy limb here.
"Mom, will you please tell him to stop it!"
"He's such a brat"
"I can't stand you!"
"They're being mean to me"
"You can't make me"
I can't go on with anymore, I'm starting to hyperventilate. Thankfully, they go back to school tomorrow. I think today, I will take them apple bombing picking. Drag them behind Go on a tractor pull.
What is wrong with me today??? Must be the med I'm on. That is what I'm chalking it up to anyway. Nasty nasty. Snappy, short answers. Iritated. I need a mini vaca. I need a day off from my head splitting is what I really need. Maybe that is what's getting at me. I feel like a big nasty pimple getting ready to 'splode.
Heh, remember John Belushi in Animal House, when he put he Mashed Potatoes in his mouth and asked, "What am I?" - Yea, that is how I am feeling inside! OOoooh, nerve-tingling, and head-pounding kind of stuff! I'm just tired of it; and I'm trying to hold it down with humor, and it's slowly slipping away.
But there are at least some things in my home getting done. We will be getting some new doors and windows updated. We just had our rooves (is that right?) insulated. They tell us it will save us over $100. 00 a month in heating this winter. CHA-CHING! I sure hope so.
You will see my new doors here. Unfortunately, the man with the jackhammer is coming back to do the small room in the basement. I'm eagerly awaiting his arrival, (with a paintball gun and, oh, nevermind) {hi Frankie} :} It seems as though one of the rooms in the lower level didn't get done when they were here in the spring. Banging away for 4 freaking days. But rest assured, Frank says it won't be so bad this time, because it's such a small room. okie doke then.
Coming up for air..........

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