Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Valley

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There's a place where I have journeyed,
When my life has been a mess;
Where rocks and thorns and serpents dwell,
Where I feel such emptiness.
And all around me; grief and woe,
And pity upon my soul,
I'm at my lowest place in life,
A deep and dark black hole.
The Valley, yes, that's where I am,
When feeling dark as night;
But if I simply raise my eyes,
Drink in the Heaven's sight;
I see the beauty all around,
That His hands made for me:
And I remember how He loved;
He died to set us free.
I'll never know the pain my Lord
Had suffered for my sin,
But my sadness simply vanishes,
When I think of the cross and Him.
Somehow, the Valley seems to have
A healing sense for me,
And I learn each time to look around
At the wonderous , great Valley.

I wrote that in June of '97; and I'm not sure if I've posted this poem or not. Regardless, I'm using it for self-help, so to speak. Again. Funny how the Lord can minister to us, and then tap us on the shoulder, and remind us with his boot in the behind, (humor) that He's still there for us. No matter what.

So maybe you're in a valley, on the bottom; look up and around you. There really are some pretty sights to behold. I can allow myself to get down in my constant agony of pain, which it is, but today, I enjoyed the colors of my gorgeous Mums. Delightful. I know, trivial, isn't it! Don't you wish you could be me!? Just wait until you see the pictures. I know you want to.

Time to fling a rubberband at the sleeping kitty.


Dr.Carley Clan said...

great poem, so sorry you are feeling this bad. I pray it is better tommorrow.
P.S. i am with you today

Jeff said...

Very nice poem. And so very true indeed.

Maybe you should read it to your kitty. ;-)

Migraine Chick said...

A truly lovely poem. Thank you for sharing.