Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fall, Glorious Fall

For what it's worth, Fall is my most favorite of the four Seasons. The colors, the smells, the fruits and vegetables, the crisp, cool air. I hate the heat of summer. I long for the 75 degree days with a nice breeze. To me, those are the most comfortable of days. Fall brings the best sleeping weather.

I love to curl up in a sweater in an old, soft pair of jeans by the fire. Either it be on the deck out back or inside. Roasting marshmallows with the kids and making cocoa. (note to self, get hazlenut extract and give my recipe for the best homemade cocoa!) mmmmmm!

Those gourds up on top; I grew them! I did, just threw the seeds out by my fence, and up came gourds. Easiest thing on earth to grow. No need to do anything. at. all. The kids and I had fun watching them grow. They are adorable.

This mum is extremely large. Notice how small Rocco looks behind it. Mums are by far, my favorite plants; their colors are just so vibrant. Especially on one of days when you get a dark cloud and some blue sky combined. Beautiful. Love the contrast.

Oh look, there's one of our little white pumpkins. We ended up with four of those little babies. I'm going to carve one today, and put some mums in for a centerpiece. I usually do this with an orange one, but I just love these little white guys. I know where our pumpkin patch will be next year. I am currently looking to get one of those blue type to grow. Why just stick to the ordinary. I am so far from ordinary.

One of these days, this cutie is going to be part of a pond. One of these days. Thanks, Joe. I love this piece.

So, eat your heart out Martha. I can grow Mums, too. And gourds. As a matter of fact, that's what they used to call me. Martha. I'll probably get some of that tomorrow because I put some leaves under my candles and put gourdes in a basket. Anyone can do that.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Lexi's birthday. She will help me make Apple Cake, my recipe. It's yummy. I made one just this week, it was delicious. Just ask..........

him! No mistake really why that container in the background is there. It's for him. No mistake, either why he's not looking at the camera when I was taking the picture. I was saying, "APPLE CAKE!" Which I made on Thursday, for my family. He is NOT family - he is dog - we are the people, alpha. Cesar says so. Big, brainless idiot must relearn his place in the tree. Again.

Typically, in the afternoon if I'm not feeling good and I lay down, he's right there with me. Typically. I go to my room, he follows. I insert my earplugs, lay down, cover up, and off I (yawn) go. He very sneakily, and quietly goes out of the room, down the stairs, tip-toeing, so as not to be heard by my very sleepily and plugged ears; jumps up on the buffet and decides to DEVOUR THE ENTIRE REMAINING CONTENTS OF SAID FREAKING CAKE!! BANG! SMASH!! Goes a very old, and just polished silver coffee urn onto the dining room floor. Too bad it didn't hit his stupid big paw and smash IT and make him yelp and learn a whole new lesson! NO! Of course not. But I heard it. AND I knew exactly what it was. MY CAKE!! Out go the ear plugs.

By now, of course and as always, I'm dizzy, but I manage to run down the stairs. He doesn't give a crap. IDIOT! Good thing he had his prong on, and I used it. Down he went, licking his stupid big and foaming, apple smelling lips. Damn dog. I fall over him, forgetting I'm dizzy, and now seeing stars, then nothing. Go. back. to. bed. I hate that loyal idiot some times. This, I'm thinking will be used as bait; however, when Frank tells me how much he wants one of offspring. That I so don't want. DON'T want. As in do NOT want. In the big negative form.

I love that commercial where the guy is on the phone with his surgeon, telling him to make a vertical incision - you know where I'm going don't you. I think I just may call my aunt and ask her to gently (riiiight) guide me through it. Oh get off my back PETA. It was an awesome cake!

Ok, Emily, this one is for you!

Size 6. Payless. Oh, so comfortable!


Emily said...

love the new shoes, deb -- them being extra-comfortable is just the icing on the cake!

and happy birthday to Lexi!!

deborah said...

Em, I owe you a much better pic of the shoes. I'll have Frank get a pic of me IN the shoes. Wore them to the mall today. They have that new microfabulous fiber, that everything should be made in. like spandes. Oh, and now I need not make cake, cus my wonderful neighbor lady friend brought one over. Life is good today. It's in the fridge.

Just try that one, Rocco!

Migraineur said...

I live in fear of the day my cat, Oliver, learns to open the fridge. (He can already open the oven.) On that day, he is going back to the shelter.

Beautiful mums! All mine died in the Boston drought ... which reminds me, Go Sox!


deborah said...

that totally sucks about your mums. I have been decorating with mine.

oh, and on the socks, I think you know how I feel about them; but I am glad you can celebrate. something anyway. As for me, I'll just enjoy my mums.

Terri said...

Deb, your yard looks so great. The mums, the gourds, that white pumpkin! Your dog is adorable!

What is your decorating dilemma? I'm sorry I lurk and don't always comment here. For some reason, I have trouble posting on your blog. It won't open the comment box some days.

Thanks for all your comments on my blog. I always aprpeciate the time you take to write something nice!

deborah said...

Thanks, Terri. Hmm, dilemma? lazy? no, that's not quite it. tired, sort of. not really sure how to answer that one right now. maybe it's that comorbidity thing sneaking in. maybe

Oh, on the dog - how would you like him shipped?????

and you're not the first to mention the problem on the comments, go figure.

Migraine Chick said...

I had a cat once who ate the middle of a pumpkin pie the night before Thanksgiving. She couldn't eat just a corner, but the darn middle!

deborah said...

Sadly, I can top that, and with no surprise with, guess who. perhaps I or, rather we have something to post about. Let's put it there shall we!