Monday, October 15, 2007

The Gifts of Women

Women are blessed with many different gifts. Some material. Some Spiritual. Some are blessed with the gifts of children. Some without. Those of us with children can understand, sometimes wish for, both. Those without, only long for the gifts of a childs loving arms to hold. Never knowing, or understanding the heartbreak that also comes with it. Sometimes more heartache and frustration than the joy we hoped for.
There are other gifts, too; compassion, concern, contentment. And thouth we long for these qualities when we see them through another, we, too have our own gifts; patience, persistence, peace.
Compassion is the woman who has enough concern for others, that she's content to listen. Patience is the woman who sits persistently and prays for peace in another's broken world.
Some women are gifted with the ability to teach, others to learn. Some with the gift to cook, others to eat. Some, with the gift to sing, others to play an instrument. And some with the gifts to do both, well. These are gifts I appreciate and admire.
Some women are so gifted, they are the student, the teacher, the parent, the cook, all in one beautiful woman; who, at the end of the day, can plan for, prepare and put on an elaborate banquet, witout blinking an eye. And before going to bed; prays for her family, her freiends, her church, her neighbors, and lastly, herself. This woman is the gift of Selflesness.
Some women have the gift to paint the beautiful pictures of her imagination. Oh, if we could all paint what our minds see. Some can draw the thoughts of each day. The fears of night. The joys of life. This woman is the gift of Serenity.
Some women have the gift of Missions. She answered the Lord's call to serve Him on foreign land. On home land. She serves the teacher, as she teaches, herself. She serves the learner; and is also learning to serve. She is the gift of Servant.
Women with the gift to write, take us on adventures we may never otherwise would have gone. Tell of others, not unlike ourselves, and their testimonies, their stories, trials, failures and joys. They inspire us with words and phrases, mental journeys. Sometimes a rollercoaster, or a thriller, or a tranquil walk. She is the gift of Tranquility.
Some women have the gift to simply be there. When you call her because your world is a mess, she answers the phone and listens. When you're sick and have no energy to get out of bed, she brings you, herself, ginger-ale and a smile. And when something wonderful happens in your world, she is there to praise God for it with you. She is the gift of Humility.
The gifts are given to us by our Lord. We must remember to use them and cherish them for His glory. And though we may not share the same gifts, we share each others.
And so, We must love and respect each others precious gifts. These are the gifts of women.
Written June-1997
In many ways, I was in a different place in my life 10 years ago. I am currently struggling spiritually; I do believe we are in a major spiritual warfare crisis! Just look around folks. But I'm working on it.
As far as my health goes, it's currently plummetting. again. I need to take control of that. AGAIN.
The dog is whining in his crate. it's pitiful and funny and irritating at the same time.
Ever feel like you want to kill something/someone and snuggle them at the exact same time? Hypothetically of course!
Lucky for you - my stupid camera light is blinking RED again. I was going to put great pix in from the weekend, to. I guess tomorrow.


Jeff said...

That was beautiful writing. As I've said before, I'm praying for ya!

deborah said...

thanks, Jeff. appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry things are a struggle for you right now. Struggling spiritually can be harder than physically at times. I will pray for you and for your battle. And I will pray for your health and answers as well.

A fellow sufferer