Thursday, November 01, 2007

One Day, One Little Boy and Three Costumes; Man, am I Beat!

Our original plan for Nicholas' costume, of course, was for him to be a
Marine, like his brother. Complete with cammies, noisey guns, some very cool stuff we found from Phil's boxes AND a hand-made Hummer. That we had started to paint, made from boxes.

Unfortunately, when I received the letter home from school that the first graders would be participating in a scarecrow-making day, rather, half day of fun and party games; our Hummer became obsolete.

I'm not totally big on the whole Halloween thing anyways; so when our church sent out a newsletter that we were featuring a Harvest Fest on Halloween night, and games, and candy, etc.... and to dress as your favorite Bible character, I knew then, the Marine thing was going to be pretty short-lived.

So, I only had to ask him, and barely did I get the words out of my mouth, when I did; that he responded who his favorite was; Moses. We had the walking stick for his staff and I just happened to have found some drop cloth to be used for his clothing. Presto, now we have costume! But before I go there, let me just show you the scarecrow day. Because it was adorable.

This is the group I had making our scarecrow, the completed project, and the entire firstgrade class in their scarecrow costumes. This being Costume number 1 for Nicholas.

Which naturally brings me to Costume number 2. He couldn't wait to go out Trick or Treating. I never did get Marisa's picture - She had a very simple one of Batgirl. A cape from one of his Batman dolls, we painted a batman logo on a black t-shirt, she wore black jeans and a pair of my black heeled boots (note to self - LYSOL).
This child is just too cute for words, honestly. And he came up with the lifting of the staff on his own. What can I say, he chose his favorite character, because he knows him.
I introduce to you, MOSES.....MOSES...
And the most incredible and coolest thing we saw all night long. Was this.

Yes, dead alien, too. Pretty cool, huh. It was in the paper on Monday, and Nick was quite jazzed about it. Then it was on the news lastnight, so we HAD to take him to see it.

They thought he was Obi one Kanobe. (I'm sure it's spelled wrong, oh well) How cool are they! The space ship even had smoke coming from it. Pretty awesome.
A very long night indeed for my little man. ( He was totally impressed with the guns, of course!!, that they had.) He played lots of games at church and boy did he get a lot of candy there! he really raked it in.
It's time for me to go paint his Marine room now. What used to take me one day to do, has taken me weeks. And this is the smallest bedroom in the house. Poor, patient little sweetie.
Frank keeps saying, "One wall at a time!" He's not kidding.


Dan said...

That spaceship looks fantastic.

Lisa Milton said...

Wow. You are Mulder's dream come true. Great set up.

Jeff said...

Looks like you had an action-packed Halloween this year!

I love that Moses' stick has a rubber cap on the end. Hey, Moses was very practical that way.

Dr.Carley Clan said...

You are such a great mom and what a great job you did! You go girl. Aren't kids just wonderful!